Tom Rapkoch | Director, Global Chip Product

Tom Rapkoch, Director, Global Chip Product, Visa

Tom Rapkoch, Director of Seller Solutions for Visa, has worked in the payments industry for nearly 25 years. In addition to working to bring new products like biometric cards and dynamic CVV2 to the industry, he continues to support Visa’s chip and contactless payments initiatives around the world.  Prior to joining Visa in 2014, Tom worked for the leading provider of cash access services for the gaming industry as well as for Bank of America Merchant Services.


Identity Week Asia Day 2 @ 11:05

Sensor-on-card biometrics: Current overview

An update of the current landscape for sensor-on-card biometrics in the payments space, with new customer feedback from Visa’s most recent pilots, a roadmap for certification, and future outlook.
last published: 07/Oct/19 05:05 GMT

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