Sanjay Dharwadker | Expert
International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

Sanjay Dharwadker, Expert, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

Sanjay Dharwadker is currently Head of Global ID Consultancy at WCC, The Netherlands, and has over thirty years’ experience in identity and identification across Asia, Africa and Europe. 
His current focus areas are civil registration, evidence of identity, electronic travel authorization, privacy, social footprint, biometrics and biographics, especially for the EU, World Bank as well as ICAO, where he participates at the ICBWG. He is also a member of ISO and CEN/TC technical standardization committees on the subject.
He is currently engaged on the Technical Advisory Group of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Developmental Data, United Nations.
He represents WCC as advisory observer to the Secure Identity Alliance (SIA) and also works closely with OSCE/ODIHR on review of the legal frameworks and the identity management compendium. Previously, in India, he worked on various UNICEF  as well as the World Bank programs.
He is a participant at The Hague Colloquium on the future of legal identity and writes regularly on the subject.


Identity Week Asia Day 1 @ 16:40

Why is evidence of identity vital for secure credentials

The world has made significant progress in the field of secure credential technology. Over one hundred countries, for example, successfully deploy chip based biometric ePassports. However, this has led for example, to a surge in individuals assuming false identities in order to obtain genuine documents. There is also the recent trend towards digital identity which also more increasingly depends on secure linkages with foundational identity of the individual.Civil registration and vital statistics (CRVS) for example is an essential ingredient using which countries establish their national identity and identification processes that also embody the political and legal framework both nationally and internationally.How are all these to be connected in the digital age? What does it mean for state security and individual empowerment? This paper endeavors to address the issues involved and the current directions.
last published: 07/Oct/19 05:05 GMT

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