Rob Mungovan | Vice President And General Manager, Biometrics
Aware, Inc.

Rob Mungovan, Vice President And General Manager, Biometrics, Aware, Inc.

Robert Mungovan is a senior General Business Manager and Vice President at Aware, Inc., one of the leading US based providers of biometric software technology and solutions. Over the last twenty two years Mr. Mungovan has led the operations at Aware and has helped establish Aware as a global innovator in the design and delivery of solutions that collect, analyze, and compare biometric data for both government and commercial applications.
Most recently Mr. Mungovan has led Aware’s effort to develop and deliver mobile based biometric solutions that are designed for customer or citizen onboarding and authentication.  Aware’s mobile products enable the capture of face, voice, and government ID data from a phone or tablet.  The capture process includes face and voice spoof detection and optionally document authentication.


Identity Week Asia Day 1 @ 15:30

Facial Presentation Attack Detection; fundamental concepts

As mobile phone based use cases for unsupervised customer/citizen onboarding and biometric authentication gain interest, there is a growing concern related to fraudulent usage of such applications.This concern is primarily based on the ease of spoofing such a system with a non-genuine biometric; in particular the use a picture or alternative representation of face to create a synthetic identity in a database, or to steal person’s identity by using a representation of their face to gain access to sensitive information or secure accounts.The ability to detect and to prevent these spoof attempts is an important design consideration for face based mobile biometric applications.This presentation introduces the fundamental concepts behind facial spoof detection, which is more properly known as facial “Presentation Attack Detection,” or facial PAD.
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