Regis Bauchiere | General Manager, Identity Services
Australia Post

Regis Bauchiere, General Manager, Identity Services, Australia Post

Regis is a commercially astute leader who is passionate about identity solutions and leading high-performing teams. 
Throughout his career, Regis has been responsible for the implementation of large scale national identity programs in Australia, India, Albania, and the UAE resulting in tangible benefits for the citizens and governments of those countries. Regis was the Morpho Program Director for the Aadhaar program in India where he helped deliver the multi-biometric system and generate the very first Aadhaar number, of which there are now over one billion. 
Since October 2016, Regis has been at Australia Post leading the development of the next generation of identity services in Australia, which aims to support government and private organisations with digital transformations and provide all Australians with modern and secure identity solutions. This includes Digital iD™ — Australia Post’s identity verification platform designed to reduce the friction involved in everyday identity transactions for businesses and consumers.


Identity Week Asia Day 2 @ 11:05

Everyone matters: Enabling identity for everyone

In today’s digital world, high consumer expectations of privacy, security and convenience drive the need for high quality solutions that deliver an exceptional customer experience. Globally, the need for robust identity verification systems is growing in parallel with the need to remove friction from the process. Some countries have already adopted a national identity framework and Regis Bauchiere will lead a discussion about some examples from around the world, including his personal experiences in India. Some of the common factors guiding the development of any identity ecosystem will be presented, including accessibility and providing consumers with a choice of channels to help them simply and securely prove who they are in an inclusive way. Australia’s identity ecosystem will be discussed, including the role of digital identity, the economic value it can deliver, and how digital channels can be used to increase identity assurance and reduce friction for citizens in future identity moments.
last published: 07/Oct/19 05:05 GMT

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