Nayana Dehigama | Founder Chairman and Managing Director
EPIC Technology Group

Nayana Dehigama, Founder Chairman and Managing Director, EPIC Technology Group

Dr. Nayana Dehigama is the Founder Chairman / Managing Director of EPIC Technology Group, one of the renowned and leading technology solutions providers in the region with a proven track record of over 21 years. Under his leadership, EPIC has implemented many mission critical eGov, information security and secure electronic payment solutions, including Biometric Data Capture and Identity Verification, Travel Document Personalization, Immigration & Border Management, Information Security, etc. Having acquired expertise in the immigration, border and identity management, he serves as a member of many national level committees of technology and entrepreneurship. He has delivered many orations in prominent national and international forums and conferences.


Identity Week Asia Day 1 @ 15:05

Doorstep biometric data capturing for seamless digital transformation

Biometric information helps foolproof personnel identification, while eliminating avenues for impersonation. Therefore, Immigration Department of Sri Lanka endeavored to capture biometric information (photo and fingerprint) as per ICAO recommendations in order to establish a citizen biometric database for foolproof personnel identification. Initially, 1,500 photo studios islandwide were accredited to capture ICAO standard face images, and transmit data to the immigration department via an encrypted VPN using a web-based Private-Public Key Infrastructure.The extended infrastructure for capturing citizen biometric data help Sri Lanka to expeditiously establishes a comprehensive biometric database with no hassle for the citizens and authorities. This infrastructure is now being considered for establishing a Central Identity Verification Center that verifies personnel identities for private and public sector stakeholder organizations, online and on demand, as an extended service by the Government. The proposed central identity verification center will also act as a Central Authority (CA) to issue Digital Identity Certificates to facilitate online eKYC verifications by any organization.The proposed Central Identity Verification Center is to revolutionize the Digital Payments and Smart Contracting industries in Sri Lanka, while immensely helping to expedite the Digital Transformation endeavors of the country.
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