Mustaffa Bin Ahmad | Senior Vice President, Outreach And Capacity Building Division
CyberSecurity Malaysia

Mustaffa Bin Ahmad, Senior Vice President, Outreach And Capacity Building Division, CyberSecurity Malaysia

Lt Col Mustaffa bin Ahmad (Retired) is the Senior Vice President, Outreach and Capacity Building Division of CyberSecurity Malaysia
(CSM) – an agency under the purview of Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia.
Prior to joining CyberSecurity Malaysia in 2007, he has served more than 18 years in the Malaysian Armed Forces in various capacities including a stint as a United Nations Military Observer in Western Sahara, Africa.
He holds a Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Mass Communications and Political Science from the University of Wisconsin, USA, a Post Graduate Diploma in Strategic Studies from University Malaya and a graduate of the prestigious Malaysian Armed Forces Staff College.
Mustaffa spearheads CyberSecurity Malaysia’s Outreach and Capacity Building Division and contributed his thoughts towards cyber safety awareness and education program, targeting children, parents, teachers, students, and organisations. His current position requires him to utilize his strong management skill and vast experience to plan and administer the overall training programs to ensure CSM is equipped with up-to-date training modules to be offered to the public for capacity building.
Mustaffa has been recognized as a leader in internet safety and digital citizenship where he has been invited on various panels in forums and conferences, created modules and national school’s discourse competition with the Ministry of Education. He has appeared in numerous radio and TV talk shows to instil acculturation of cyber security among Malaysians.
Mustaffa is also a Certified Chief Information Security Officer (C|CISO) and is a proud father of five children.


Identity Week Asia Day 1 @ 17:10

Instilling digital citizenship skills through education: A Malaysian perspective

The increasing presence of technology in the learning environment poses a new challenge to keeping children safe in the digital world. In line with CyberSecurity Malaysia’s overarching mission of creating and sustaining a safer cyberspace to promote national sustainability, social well-being and wealth creation, the CyberSAFETM program is implemented focusing on outreach and capacity building. However, the unprecedented development of social media and the increasing access to smart phones present a new challenge to parents and educators alike.This presentation shares CyberSecurity Malaysia’s experience as the impetus in establishing the digital citizenship initiative with key stakeholders that deliver various education programs, with focus on managing identity fraud threats and galvanising citizens towards self-regulation.
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