Mohammed Murad | Vice President- Global Sales, Marketing & Business Development
Iris ID

Mohammed Murad, Vice President- Global Sales, Marketing & Business Development, Iris ID

Mohammed Murad is the Vice President of Sales and Business Development and a Board of Director for Iris ID Systems. 
Highly accomplished international business and technical leader with exceptional decision-making skills.  Offer a unique combination of market knowledge and leadership experience within global identity management industries.  Extensive experience providing strategic solutions to multinational commercial and government clients.  
He has been directly involved in secure and implementing some of the largest iris biometric business system in the world.
1.    Andhra Pradesh, India, 60 million people welfare program
2.    India, 1.2 billion people UIDAI program 
3.    Mexico, 110 million people National ID program
4.    Qatar Immigration and border control, 20 million plus
Currently Mr. Murad serves on the board of International Biometric Identification Association (IBIA) in Washington DC and as an advisor to the Secutronics board, the fastest growing security firm in Saudi Arabia and on the.
Having received a degree in Computer science and mathematics, he has garnered extensive experience in technology on all ends, from development to product management, including over 21 years of experience with Iris Biometric Technology. 


Identity Week Asia Day 1 @ 11:30

Iris recognition comes of age - digital identity for citizen service

Many commercial and government entities are considering iris as the new biometric for its accuracy, speed and non-contact lifetime enrollment.The discussion gets very interesting when iris biometric technology is included with National ID programs.Where other biometrics have challenges enrolling younger citizens — the future owners of a nation — iris recognition allows enrollment of these citizens regardless of age.Accurate digital identity is necessary a reliable and accurate way to authenticate a person’s identity for citizens services. This session will provide examples of current uses of iris recognition as well as a look to the future and how the technology will continue to citizens services.
last published: 07/Oct/19 05:05 GMT

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