Mitchell De Young | Vice President of Digital Authentication

Mitchell De Young, Vice President of Digital Authentication, Linxens

Mitchell DeYoung is a contrarian thinker and veteran of the ID Industry gained through 20 plus years of experience working on eID and passport projects; both in the US and Abroad. From managing the transition of several traditional high security printers to biometric forms of ID, he is keen to share his experience and insight into how to combine the best of traditional security documents with the latest technological advancements – with a keen eye on the implications of Blockchain technology in Identity, Trade Finance and Logistics. Mitchell DeYoung is formerly the Vice President of Product Management eGov and is now the VP of Digital Authentication at Linxens.


Identity Week Asia Day 2 @ 11:35

Time is Money: How RFID and Blockchain combine for digitization without dematerialization

Digitalization continues to offer many opportunities to improve efficiencies within the Trade Finance and Logistics Industry - particularly as the push for “Paperless” becomes more widespread. However, paper documentation and physical proof are still the legal norm in most jurisdictions. Bridging the physical world with the digital is still proving to be one of the biggest obstacles to mass adoption. By using the power of Blockchain with the convenience of RFID, digitizing without dematerialization insures legal compliance without losing trade momentum.
last published: 07/Oct/19 05:05 GMT

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