Libor Šustr | Technical Director

Libor Šustr, Technical Director, OPTAGLIO Ltd

Libor Šustr is Technical Director at OPTAGLIO. He joined R&D department at OPTAGLIO Company right after graduation in Physics and Nanotechnologies and recently manages activities focused on innovations in anti-counterfeit technologies for government documents (e.g. passports and ID cards). He is mainly involved in the implementation of tailored security solutions and professional consultations for customers. These activities include integration of physical security technologies with customer’s track & tracing and verification systems, the price and effectivity optimization and supplying of necessary equipment and tools for anti-counterfeiting and brand-protecting programs.


Identity Week Asia Day 1 @ 11:45

Advanced approaches to physical credential protection

It doesn’t matter how advanced the anti-counterfeit technologies are, all experts agree that the most effective way is a combination of different approaches to credential protection. The essential combination of physical and digital document verification as well as combination of features at the same level is the right way. However at the same time we have to ensure the particular technologies cannot be transferred and abused. This can be done by making the security technologies unique for each particular document, i.e. personalized for each individual holder.
last published: 07/Oct/19 05:05 GMT

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