Leonard Cheong | Managing Director

Leonard Cheong, Managing Director, Adnovum

Leonard Cheong is the Managing Director for AdNovum Singapore. He is responsible for driving business development and sales both locally and regionally. Leonard joined AdNovum Singapore in March 2018 and took over the role of Managing Director on May 2018.
Leonard Cheong is an accomplished manager with 29 years of experience in the area of program and sales management within the IT industry. His career spans across institutions in the public sector and major corporations such as IBM, HP and SAP. From his previous positions, Leonard Cheong brings broad experience in advancing strategic offerings and fundamentally reshaping both public-sector and commercial business.
Leonard attended the course for Master of Business in Information Technology from the Singapore Institute of Management, accredited by RMIT. He completed his Higher National Diploma in Computer Science in 1990 from Nanyang Polytechnic.


Identity Week Asia Day 1 @ 12:05

Upping the security game with continuous authentication – Utilising context and behavioural data

Digital access should be simple and secure, regardless of the channel. Multi-factor authentication is no longer sufficient in today’s environment and needs to be augmented with additional factors before and more importantly, during a user session. This is where continuous and risk-based user authentication comes in, monitoring the entire session of a user by correlating the output of multiple anomaly detection modules. This is based on multiple attributes like behavioral biometrics, geo-location and device fingerprint which create very unique, digital user footprints. The results can then be combined into a customizable risk scoring, where the system can initiate mitigative actions should there be a suspected session hijacking. These methods of authenticating the true identity of users have to be employed continuously and seamlessly, together with a privacy mindset. Utilising context and behavioural data for continuous authentication is the next step forward in Identity and Access Management (IAM).
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