Kevin Lee | Trust and Safety Architect

Kevin Lee, Trust and Safety Architect, Sift

Kevin Lee brings 13+ years of experience in the risk and fraud management space to his role of Trust and Safety Architect. From fake news, to payment fraud and ATO, Kevin has had to face and mitigate against various types of online abuse that have impacted billions of people. Prior to joining Sift Science, Kevin built and led risk, fraud and spam organizations at Facebook, Square and Google.


Identity Week Asia Day 1 @ 15:45

The rise of synthetic IDs: Mitigating digital identity fraud to protect your business

Businesses expect collateral damage in their never-ending battle against fraud. To create synthetic identities, fraudsters only need one true piece of your identity to combine with fake information and create an account that looks legitimate. Industry experts predict synthetic identity fraud will cost more than $2B a year, and the threat grows as fraudsters improve their tactics. To prevent customers from falling victim to synthetic identity fraud, fraud teams need a multi-pronged approach that implements emerging technologies to help them uncover synthetic identities quickly. This talk will show how to discover fake identities, remove them promptly, and maintain user trust.
last published: 07/Oct/19 05:05 GMT

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