Katherine Noall | Chief Executive Officer
Sphere Identity

Katherine Noall, Chief Executive Officer, Sphere Identity

Katherine is CEO of Sphere Identity, a global blockchain-based identity platform for identity storage and on-boarding. As a firm believer that automation needs to do more than mirror manual ways of doing things, Katherine applies distributed technologies to architect and build new solutions. Blockchain and distributed technology are used to increase identity security and internationalism. Katherine has 20 years of international management experience with technology companies such as AT&T-Unisource and Information Builders. This year Katherine received the One WorldIdentity’s Rising Innovator Award.


Identity Week Asia Day 2 @ 14:30

The role of digital identity in the future of customer experience for financial services

We have pushed the mountains of compliance (KYC, AML, PCI, PSD2, Personal Data Protection Act, GDPR, CBPR, FACTA, etc) into the consumer's hands causing dreadful customer experience. There is a better way to treat customers that you value, that you want to buy multiple products and that you want to stay loyal to your business. The solution is two-fold: a change in the current mindset on customer experience and the implementation of new technology.Digital Identity technology for customer onboarding is a key part of this. It combines seamless customer experience with secure data delivery for compliance. Key elements of this are mobile to mobile (M2M) and new blockchain-based distributed storage technologies. There is now a new way to relate to your customers.
last published: 07/Oct/19 05:05 GMT

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