Jonathon Thorpe | Assistant Secretary and Head of Digital Identity - GovPass
Digital Transformation Agency

Jonathon Thorpe, Assistant Secretary and Head of Digital Identity - GovPass, Digital Transformation Agency

Jonathon Thorpe joined the Digital Transformation Agency in January 2018 to head the delivery of a whole-of-economy Digital Identity system.
In April 2019 he was appointed as Assistant Secretary for both digital identity and myGov.
Jonathon is currently Assistant Secretary for Digital Identity, GovPass and myGov for the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) with responsibility for Digital Identity, the GovPass program and myGov.
He has had extensive public sector experience working across large service delivery agencies with over ten years in executive roles. He has delivered large scale initiatives across Digital Marketing, Social Media, Customer Experience, Staff Experience and Whole-of-Government Transformation domains.
Jonathon is incredibly passionate about Customer Experience (CX), Agile leadership, and applying how digital can radically improve how government services are delivered.


Identity Week Asia Day 2 @ 09:10

Improving citizen experience with digital identity

Australia is transforming the way citizens access government services. There are some common things people find frustrating, such as having to go into an office to access services or being asked to provide the same information to different agencies.We can only go so far in improving these experiences without a robust and re-usable digital identity, that helps people to prove who they are online, protects their privacy and ensures their identity information is kept safe.The Digital Transformation Agency is working across government and industry to build a federated digital identity ecosystem connect to a range of services. Jonathan will discuss how this is being rolled out,and the opportunities to improve service delivery while protecting privacy and security.
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