John Rule | ISO Committee member IT 032 SC 37 and Managing Director
Brands Australia

John Rule, ISO  Committee member IT 032 SC 37 and Managing Director, Brands Australia

John is the Managing Director of Brands Australia the leader in Biometric Retail Capture systems. John is also a member of ISO Standards Committee IT 032 SC 37 writing Photo Capture requirements for Biometric Image capture requirements. John also consults to government authorities on Photo Capture standards for Biometrics and consults to industry on Photo Capture compliance.
Brands Australia a leading B to B Marketer & Distrubtor of Brands in Australia & New Zeland. Brands Australia markets ID Station - Biometric Image Capture Passport Photo Systems for Retail, Government  and Commercial Markets.


Identity Week Asia Day 1 @ 16:50

Public Perceptions and Good Practice: How to Implement Biometrics Responsibly

Recent news on biometrics has raised concerns about the use of the technology, in particular Facial Recognition (FR). According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), in only four years, facial recognition software got 20 times better at searching a database to find a matching photograph. The use of machine-learning software has contributed to this development and concerns over AI and ethics have also begun to occupy the headlines. With such speed of development, it is nearly impossible for regulators, legislators or standards developers to keep at pace. It is therefore even more important for the biometrics community to agree on recommended good practices for biometrics and help clear up some of the myths around the technology that have contributed to the heated debate.This panel of experts will discuss:·What are some of the good news stories around biometrics especially in a law enforcement and border management context? ·What “myths-information” do we need to clear up to address some of the fear around biometrics?·Do we need regulation of FR? How do we address total bans? ·Are there differences in how we approach different use cases e.g. in law enforcement, on smart phones or in social media? What are the benefits versus the risks?·What good practices are already available and how can organisations put these into use?

Identity Week Asia Day 2 @ 14:30

Correct photo capture requirements: Critical to ensure accurate Smart Gate Boarder and enrolment matching

John will cover correct Photo Capture requirements for MRTD's ( Machine Readable Travel Documents ) to ensure enrolled images are correct and true likeness of the applicant ensuring a higher rate of accuracy of matching live scans vs. enrolled images. John will demystify correct illumination and camera optics. John will also demonstrate ID Station Biometric Passport Photo system.
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