Henry Leung | Global Segment Manager, Identification, Specialty Films
Covestro LLC

Henry Leung, Global Segment Manager, Identification, Specialty Films, Covestro LLC

Henry Leung is the Global Segment Manager for Covestro, leading the company’s identification segment initiatives with responsibilities including market penetration, strategic development, ecosystem support and best positioning the company’s market leading specialty films to enable secure identification solutions.
Prior to joining Covestro, Henry was the senior marketing manager for Entrust Datacard, where he was responsible for driving its government vertical marketing initiatives in Asia Pacific for the company’s market leading physical & digital identification solutions. 
He was also a senior business development manager at NEC Corporation, where he helped the company best position some of its market renowned government identity, border control, public safety and biometrics technologies worldwide.  
Henry is an alumni of the University of Washington and University of Phoenix in USA.


Identity Week Asia Day 1 @ 17:10

Latest industry concepts to enable secure ID cards & passports

Governments today face evolving threats to identification documents such as counterfeiting, alteration and identity theft (impersonation) – both physical & digital.With the global trend towards the convergence of physical & digital identity, best practices to mitigate document attacks are to design identification documents with layered security starting from the document construction stage using robust substrate material as a chainmail for enhanced security that are - easy to verify while difficult to replicate.This presentation will introduce the industry’s latest All-in-One ID & Passport security concepts leveraging polycarbonate material starting at the document creation process to the time of issuance.
last published: 07/Oct/19 05:05 GMT

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