Giang Le Ngoc | Legal And Policy Specialist
Department Of Civil And Economic Laws Ministry Of Justice

Giang Le Ngoc, Legal And Policy Specialist, Department Of Civil And Economic Laws Ministry Of Justice

Giang Le Ngoc is an experienced Legal and Policy Specialist who cut his teeth across the public and private sector. He spent a number of years at private companies with engineer position before being recruited by Government of Vietnam to work for the Competition Authority of Vietnam (2009), then the Ministry of Justice of Vietnam (MOJ since 2012) in various positions such as, Trade Policy Officer and Legal Specialist. He is currently working on numerous legislative/regulatory programs (member of editorial group to many legal normative documents) and addressing issues aroused from laws enforcement focusing on: Regulatory Sandbox; Crypto-Assets and Payment Services; Blockchain-Based Applications; Financial and Banking Operations; Capital, Securities, and Insurance Market; Tax and Compliance; Environmental Protection and Investment; M&A. With respects to international practices, he is frequently invited to talk at various conferences; assigned to negotiates international treaties such as TPP, Vietnam-EU FTA, Petroleum Sharing Contract, Agreements on avoiding double taxations, and ODA on behalf of the Government of Vietnam. 
He holds a MPA (Policy Analysis) from Indiana University at Bloomington – USA; a B.A (International Laws) from Hanoi University of Law and a B.E (Material Science and Engineering) from Hanoi University of Technology both in Vietnam. He was trainee at Center for the WTO Studies (New Delhi, India) and WTO (Geneva, Switzerland).


Identity Week Asia Day 1 @ 11:10

Digital Identity on the Blockchain

The phenomenon of blockchain has the power to transform the world of identity. This panel discussion will explore how it can enable self-sovereign identity, establishing regulatory frameworks to allow blockchain to achieve its potential, and the impact of new cryptocurrencies.
last published: 07/Oct/19 05:05 GMT

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