Even Sandum | Police Inspector And Document Examiner
National Police Immigration Service Norway

Even Sandum, Police Inspector And Document Examiner, National Police Immigration Service Norway

Even Sandum is a Police Inspector and specialist document examiner at the National Police Immigration Service Norway (NPIS), with a background from the Norwegian Police University College in Oslo. Before becoming a specialist document examiner, he was an investigator in the identity and return unit for several years. Prior to joining the NPIS he worked at Norways main international airport, Oslo Gardermoen, as a police officer in both 1st and 2nd line border control.
Even has gained extensive knowledge in the field of identity related work, and has international experience from an array of missions through his work at NPIS Norway.


Identity Week Asia Day 2 @ 14:15

Who's Wally?

In today’s modern society, travelling between countries and crossing borders has become frequently easier and normal. Means of easier travelling leads to an increase in the number of people who immigrate to other countries, many of whom seek asylum in search for a better life. Some of these asylum seekers will hide their true identity in order to achieve benefits or to commit crime. Therefore, a very important part of the work of the immigration service is to establish the true identity of a person at the earliest stage possible, both from a safety and crime fighting point of view, but also to make the decision making process as fair and equal as possible. This presentation will show you some of the routines and methods the National Police Immigration Service Norway has at hand, and how they can be applied in order to combat and prevent the use of fake or altered identities.
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