Devika Daga | AI Practitioner, Humane Technologist

Devika Daga, AI Practitioner, Humane Technologist, Independent

Devika Daga is an AI Practitioner and Humane Technologist with 10+ years experience forging paths with frontier technologies in global contexts. She is optimistic about technology’s potential but her current work is focused on protecting society from its harmful effects through greater awareness of data privacy, cybersecurity and algorithmic bias issues. 
Devika is currently consulting for MOSIP (“Modular Open Source Identity Platform”) and advising several US Congressional candidates on emerging tech policy issues.
Previously she was the Director of Global Partnerships and Operations at Element, a NY-based startup co-founded by Yann LeCun that develops mobile-based, software-only platforms for biometric identity. At Element she led new market and product development across Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines with government, health, and financial services clients. 
Prior to Element, Devika spent 7+ years at Google in San Francisco and Nairobi. In Kenya she was part of the founding team of CSquared, a pan-African internet infrastructure company that spun out of Google in 2017. As the regional business development lead she drove product growth and market expansion into 5 African countries. In San Francisco she was part of the Google[x] team responsible for commercializing Google Glass and the Chrome team responsible for driving paid partnerships.
Devika received a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of Michigan. She is an avid collector of contemporary African and Indian art and in her “free” time enjoys diving and two-wheel adventures across Southeast Asia.


Identity Week Asia Day 1 @ 10:45

Identity Myth Busters

ID Crowd & friends will debunk common myths and misunderstandings of digital identity by exploring misconceptions with reference to actual scenarios taken from experiences delivering digital identity in the real world.

Identity Week Asia Day 1 @ 15:05

The ‘inconvenient truth’ about AI and biometrics in healthcare

Biometric solutions have been promoted as the future for healthcare; by some estimates the market will be worth $14B by 2025. But what is the human cost and risk of building biometric databases of vulnerable populations?Data breaches are becoming an everyday occurrence and millions of medical images and data live insecurely on the internet. In this context we must question the ethical basis of building new databases in countries that have no patient data protection or privacy laws, poor digital infrastructure, and discriminatory policies against people in various health states.Technology adoption decisions are made by administrators and vendors, but they (and we) are also patients. This will be a patient-first focused discussion on the ramifications of biometric technology in the healthcare space. Warning: the truth may be inconvenient to the bottom line.
last published: 07/Oct/19 05:05 GMT

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