Debora Comparin | Chair, Open API Working Group
Secure Identity Alliance

Debora Comparin, Chair, Open API Working Group, Secure Identity Alliance

Debora Comparin is the Chair of the Secure Identity Alliance’s ID4All Workgroup.
Debora is a strong advocate of integrated ID ecosystems: sustainable and holistic solutions embracing and connecting foundational and functional registries benefitting governments and citizens alike.
She has mobilized the identity industry towards this goal, launching the SIA Open API Initiative.
Directly addressing the issue of vendor lock-in, the SIA pioneering new Open API (Application Program Interface) Initiative will deliver technical interoperability and harmonization for Sovereign ID Programs.
Debora Comparin is Senior Market Manager, ID and Elections at IDEMIA.


Identity Week Asia Day 1 @ 15:35

Open Standards Identity API for National ID Ecosystems: Assuring interoperability and harmonization for sovereign ID programs

Directly addressing the lack of standardization, the SIA pioneering OSIA initiative (Open Standards Identity API - Application Program Interface) is resolving the interoperability and data sharing challenges created by the current lack of universal technical standards within today’s identity ecosystem.Developed within the SIA and endorsed by the world’s leading identity system vendors, this landmark initiative demonstrates an industry-wide commitment to breaking down the technical barriers to achieving the United Nations goal of establishing a legal identity for every citizen. The presentation will cover the issues the SIA is solving and the risks of not addressing the issue, as well as looking into the OSIA methodology and participation update and asking how the audience can get involved.
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