David Davies | Founder And Chief Executive Officer

David Davies, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, AgUnity

David has been the Founder and CEO of several successful FinTech, SaaS, and mobile startups. He previously spent over a decade in senior roles at global investment banks (Goldman Sachs, Lehman, Nomura & SCB). David’s presented keynote speeches at Global Forum on Innovations in Agriculture 2018 (where AgUnity was also awarded ‘Best Innovation by a Startup’) and has also presented on multiple occasions including Asian Development Bank FinTech Conference Manila and Said Business School (Oxford University) and will be speaking at KNOW Conference in 2019. David has also been named ‘Agriprineneur of the Year 2018’ by Future Agro Challenge in Turkey. David has a deep understanding of cryptography and distributed crypto-ledger (DLT) technology along with the impact of trust, digital identity and financial inclusion in changing the lives of developing world communities. 


Identity Week Asia Day 1 @ 11:10

Digital Identity on the Blockchain

The phenomenon of blockchain has the power to transform the world of identity. This panel discussion will explore how it can enable self-sovereign identity, establishing regulatory frameworks to allow blockchain to achieve its potential, and the impact of new cryptocurrencies.

Identity Week Asia Day 2 @ 16:10

Connecting the last mile

The most important challenge in the world today and No 1 of the 17 UN Sustainable development goals for 2030 is “No Poverty”, lifting the remaining billion people above the poverty line.Of those in poverty, the vast majority are in farming, fishing or part of their usually remote rural communities. Good organizations worldwide are investing trillions to address SDG1 but they struggle to reach and connect with these people efficiently.You cannot eliminate poverty without solving financial inclusion, and you cannot address financial inclusion, at scale, without technology inclusion and digital identity.AgUnity are helping transform the lives of people in low income rural communities with smartphone and blockchain technology that is relevant to them because it is easy to understand and solves real problems.
last published: 07/Oct/19 05:05 GMT

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