Damian West | General Manager, Business Integrity
Department of Human Services

Damian West, General Manager, Business Integrity, Department of Human Services

Damian has worked extensively with private, not for profit and the public sector organisations throughout the Australasian and Pacific region. 
Damian has held key senior roles across a number of state and federal government departments; he has oversighted numerous complex projects, change programs, and reform efforts. 
Since joining the Australian Government Department of Human Services as the General Manager of the Business Integrity Division, Damian has successfully introduced the National Disability Insurance Scheme Fraud Taskforce, implemented a new fraud prioritisation framework, and supported the introduction of advanced data analytics and fraud detection tools. This includes the introduction of real time detection in the Medicare program.  Damian has driven the shift in focus towards detecting and disrupting serious and organised crime.  He has recently taken oversight of identity management for the department, driving changes to the management of identity theft, the use of biometrics and he is supporting the implementation of the Trusted Digital Identity Framework in the Govpass federation.


Identity Week Asia Day 1 @ 15:00

Identity fraud prevention and detection in the Australian health and welfare sector

The Australian Government Department of Human Services is Australia’s lead government service delivery agency responsible for 174 billion dollars of government outlays. The Department processes more than 400 million claims each year across more than 100 payment types.With the largest customer base in Australia the Department has a unique and holistic understanding of the importance of effective identity management.In response to the threat of identity related crime the Department is dynamically changing its detection, disruption and prevention strategies. The Department is enhancing its detection capabilities through advanced analytics, digital forensics, real time risk profiling and greater use of data science and machine learning.The Department is developing a robust, secure and accessible identity management system that recognises emerging and new technologies, including biometric technologies, allowing for a balance between security and customer experience.
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