Bruce Ackerman | Executive Vice President of Global Sales

Bruce Ackerman, Executive Vice President of Global Sales, Acuant

Bruce has over 25 years’ experience in successfully building sales teams and growing the sales of those companies. He was part of the sales team at World-Check that successfully grew sales to a point where they were subsequently acquired by Thomson Reuters. Prior to that he was part of ABN where he led the SOC program in partnership with the USPS, taking annual sales to $1 billion. Bruce holds a BS from Georgetown University and an MBA from Hogeschool Nijenrode in The Netherlands.


Identity Week Asia Day 2 @ 10:30

Document Authentication - Emerging Concepts

In an age of realistic fakes the need to authenticate a document has never been stronger, join experts as they unpack the latest concepts in this space.

Identity Week Asia Day 2 @ 14:45

Risk Mitigation at the border – a best practices approach to identity authentication

Risk at a border point results from the inability of the traveler identity to be properly assessed. The technologies and processes used to assess the genuineness and authenticity of the claimed identity are the keys to the mitigation of risk. Therefore, this technology should be implemented to thwart the underlying criminal or terrorist activity that is being supported by a fraudulent identity claim.This session reviews the types of document fraud being encountered today; several mitigation measures that can be readily implemented to address this issue; and deployment considerations of each type of border control point (primary; secondary; kiosk; mobile).
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