Anthony Hay | Biometrics and Security Consultant
HayTan Consulting

Anthony Hay, Biometrics and Security Consultant, HayTan Consulting

Anthony Hay has accumulated professional experiences from working in the Biometrics, Security
and Identity space since 1996. He has worked on a variety of different of security technologies
from smartcards to tokens and identities management systems and is a familiar face in the
biometrics world, having done work in varies modalities of biometrics, from fingerprint to face to
iris to voice to signature to middleware, and has worked for global security and biometrics
vendors like NEC, Tascent, Daon, AOptix, Keyware and CyberSIGN.
He has designed, architect and sold identity and biometrics components in many bids and projects,
spanning from National ID to Border Control to Passports to Banking applications, in countries
like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, South Korea, Australia and
New Zealand.
He is also involved with standards activities in SC17 (Smartcards), WG11 – Fingerprint match on
card, SC27(Security) and SC37 – Biometrics.
A committee member of the Singapore Standards for ID (SSID), part of the team that drafted and
finalised the initial standard.
Anthony was one of the first CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) in
Singapore in 2003 and has an Masters of Science from University of Essex (United Kingdom).


Identity Week Asia Day 2 @ 14:00

Facial recognition: The good, the bad, the future

Face recognition has been on the rise and not a week will pass these days without a piece of news on it in the mainstream media.This presentation will take a quick look on how this technology works, what are the recent advancement, how it has grown exponentially and evolved in the last couple of years.Anthony will also explore how face recognition has been deployed in various use-cases. Moving forward, what are some of the challenges for the technology and implementers, and what values and implications it has on important issues like privacy and misuse that technology providers and users need to be aware of.
last published: 07/Oct/19 05:05 GMT

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