Adam Bradley | Chief Digital Architect
Unify Solutions

Adam Bradley, Chief Digital Architect, Unify Solutions

Adam Bradley is a Digital Identity Architect with demonstrated proficiency delivering innovative solutions. He has expert skills in Identity and Access Governance and Security backed with Architectural, Cloud Infrastructure and Development skills which allow rapid prototyping of forward-looking solutions; founded on current best principles, sound theory and agile delivery practices.
He has immersed with Self-Sovereign Identity projects, core to the development of intellectual property and capabilities progressing Trust Frame interoperability and a focus on Cybersecurity, his Security assessment for a complex, global FinTech.
Adam’s five years immersion in Asia Pacific has offered unique insight and developed his ability to deliver Digital Identity solutions respectful of social, cultural and technology factors.


Identity Week Asia Day 2 @ 12:15

The Future of Identity and Access Management

With the global identity and access management market growing by over 15% annually, identity professionals will discuss how to meet challenges around governance, mitigating cybersecurity risks, and keeping up with an increasingly mobile-dominated world.
last published: 07/Oct/19 05:05 GMT

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