Covering all the latest identity issues in Security Documents, Digital ID, and Biometrics


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5 Content Streams

80 Speakers

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Content Stream 1: Secure Identity Credentials: Challenges and Opportunities

Asia Pacific represents more than 60% of the global market for personal ID credentials, including passports, birth documents, driving licences and citizen ID cards. These sessions focus on how government identity solutions should be applied, particularly the manufacture, provision, and verification of secure citizen credentials, while staying one step ahead of the fraudsters.

4 x Panels which will cover:

Forgeries, Fakes and Counterfeits: Fighting Document Fraud

  • Counterfeit document trends
  • Passport fraud and forgery detection
  • Lookalikes and face morphing
  • Disrupting criminal networks

On the Horizon: Enhancing Tomorrow's Secure Credentials  

  • Next-generation security features
  • Security printing advances
  • Secure substrates
  • Intelligent document design

Emerging Concepts in Document Authentication  

  • Physical machine authentication developments
  • Standardisation and interoperability
  • The rise of mobile e-document readers
  • Machine learning

Citizen Identity: Strengthening the Circle of Trust  

  • Evidence of identity ecosystems
  • Developing secure breeder documents – Global initiatives
  • The impact of biometrics
  • Advanced civil registry infrastructure

Content Stream 2: Secure Digital Identity in an Online World

The global circumstances of 2020 mean the reliance on online platforms is greater than ever, and digital identity is a key component of this. With the digital ID market exhibiting its fastest rate of growth in the Asia Pacific region, this track will explore how strong authentication, seamless customer onboarding and fraud prevention measures all play an important role in the implementation of robust online identity systems.

4 x Panels which will cover:

Modern Online Authentication Systems  

  • Authentication systems in action
  • The power of risk-based authentication
  • Blockchain-based decentralised authentication
  • Standardisation initiatives

Fighting Back Against Digital Identity Fraud  

  • Trends in digital and online fraud
  • Synthetic identities
  • Account takeover, phishing, and SIM Swap
  • Leveraging Digital ID as part of the solution

Emerging Identity Technologies for Financial Services  

  • New solutions for remote onboarding
  • Strong and frictionless authentication
  • KYC, AML and regulation
  • Federated identity management

Securing Digital Credentials: Managing Privacy, Ownership and Trust  

  • Privacy by design
  • Data protection and security
  • Consent and ethical use
  • Digital identity standards





Content Stream 3: Taking Identity Credentials Digital

Secure documents are at the centre of the digital revolution, with mobile identity on the rise, virtual travel credentials ever evolving and national eID schemes being rolled out across Asia and beyond. This track examines where the physical and digital domains work in tandem and considers how traditional identity credentials will fit into tomorrow’s world.

4 x Panels which will cover:

What's Next for National Identity Programmes?  

  • Creating and managing legal digital identities
  • Interoperable identity ecosystems
  • Unlocking digital citizen services
  • Public-Private collaboration

Virtual Credentials in the Traveller Ecosystem  

  • Global initiatives
  • Barriers to adoption
  • SThe case for physical and digital in tandem
  • System architecture

Moving Forward with Mobile Driving Licences  

  • A supplement or replacement of physical documents
  • Derived credentials and mobile platforms
  • Use cases and implementation challenges
  • Fundamentals for success

Innovations in Enrolment and Issuance  

  • Digitizing the process of verifying identity
  • System security and information accuracy
  • Mobile technology and intelligent data capture
  • Customer experience

Content Stream 4: Harnessing the Transformative Promise of Biometrics

The potential for innovative biometric solutions is massive, and the APAC biometrics market is the fastest growing in the world. The sessions in this track will look at how biometrics can revolutionise travel, law enforcement and humanitarian aid, while keeping next generation threats at bay and taking responsible use into consideration.

4 x Panels which will cover:

End-to-End Seamless Travel for a New World  

  • Getting the world moving again post COVID-19
  • Intelligent use of biometrics at the border
  • The rise of contactless biometrics
  • Reservation to destination?

The Role of Biometrics in Protecting Vulnerable Individuals  

  • Aid/benefit dispersal
  • Reaching vulnerable citizens in times of crisis
  • Ensuring services for all and reaching remote locations
  • Humanitarian action

Countering Next Generation Biometric Threats  

  • Deep fakes
  • Presentation Attack Detection
  • Trends in biometric fraud
  • Case studies

Proportionate Use of Facial Recognition Technologies  

  • Ethics, responsibility, and best practice
  • Debating surveillance technologies
  • Law enforcement and security
  • Facial recognition in the current international climate



DAY 1 & 2


Content Stream 5: Technology Showcase

Discover the latest concepts, technologies, products, and case studies set to revolutionise the identity landscape for years to come. Identity Week Asia’s Technology Showcase will shine a spotlight on recognised and respected leaders in identity, as well as highlighting up-and-coming solution providers. Join this interactive track to watch live demonstrations, ask burning questions and get a glimpse into the future of identity.