Exploring next-generation government, commerical & citizen identity solutions

The identity ecosystem at your fingertips 


Identity Week Asia is uniquely placed to cover the entire identity ecosystem, attracting the key players from across the global identity marketplace to learn and do business. 

The virtual event will provide a central meeting point in Asia for anyone involved in authenticating human identity, whether via a secure credential, biometric, or digital identity solutions. 

Governments, airlines, financial institutions, law enforcers, healthcare professionals and major corporations across the region are making Identity Week Asia central to their plans.


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2020 Speakers included:



The best business development and marketing opportunity


In a world where travel is not currently possible and physical meetings are banned a virtual event offers you a lot of opportunities to meet your marketing goals.



Identity Week provides first-class networking opportunity, creating a place where identity specialists could specify, buy and sell identity solutions incorporating digital identity, secure government credentials and biometrics. Book your meetings directly on the platform.

Lead generation

Establish connections greatest minds in identity from commercial organisations, government, NGOs, industry professionals and standard groups. Meet them virtually and extend your network.


Identity Week is featuring more than 80 hours of curated content from 150 speakers. Join in from wherever you are online to watch the sessions live or on-demand

Conference topics:


Secure and seamless travel

Building national identity initiatives

Establishing citizen identity

Secure credentials design

Humanitarian ID and financial inclusion

Future IAM

Digital onboarding

Strong authentication solutions

Digital identity standards

Security, trust and privacy online


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