Previous Speakers



Michael Allen, Co-founder, ALTIDO

Michael Allen | Co-founder | ALTIDO » speaking at HOST

Robert Alley, Chief Operating Officer, Roomzzz

Robert Alley | Chief Operating Officer | Roomzzz » speaking at HOST

Scott Allis, Sales Director, YourParkingSpace

Scott Allis | Sales Director | YourParkingSpace » speaking at HOST

Arne Eivind Andersen, CEO, Sharebox AS

Arne Eivind Andersen | CEO | Sharebox AS » speaking at HOST

Duncan Anderson, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Humanise.AI

Duncan Anderson | Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer | Humanise.AI » speaking at HOST

Cecilia Parker Aranha, Director, The Competition and Markets Authority

Cecilia Parker Aranha | Director | The Competition and Markets Authority » speaking at HOST

Thomas Archer, Co-Founder, ALTIDO

Thomas Archer | Co-Founder | ALTIDO » speaking at HOST

Will Ashworth, Chief Executive Officer, Watergate Bay Hotel

Will Ashworth | Chief Executive Officer | Watergate Bay Hotel » speaking at HOST

Shaun Aukland, Global Business Manager, Travel, Google Inc

Shaun Aukland | Global Business Manager, Travel | Google Inc » speaking at HOST

Evelyn Badia, Founder, The Hosting Journey

Evelyn Badia | Founder | The Hosting Journey » speaking at HOST

Beth Bailey, Owner, Kernock Cottages

Beth Bailey | Owner | Kernock Cottages » speaking at HOST

Pepper Barney, Architect, BiBO Studio

Pepper Barney | Architect | BiBO Studio » speaking at HOST

Andrew Bate, Founder & CEO, Safely

Andrew Bate | Founder & CEO | Safely » speaking at HOST

Heather Bayer, Co-Founder, Vacation Rental Formula

Heather Bayer | Co-Founder | Vacation Rental Formula » speaking at HOST

Pierre Becerril, Chief Executive Officer, Transparent Intelligence

Pierre Becerril | Chief Executive Officer | Transparent Intelligence » speaking at HOST

Henry Bennett, Chief Executive Officer, YourWelcome

Henry Bennett | Chief Executive Officer | YourWelcome » speaking at HOST

Simon Bennett, Owner, Augill Castle

Simon Bennett | Owner | Augill Castle » speaking at HOST

Paul Besnainou, Chief Executive Officer, Sweet Inn

Paul Besnainou | Chief Executive Officer | Sweet Inn » speaking at HOST

louise birritteri, CEO/Founder, Pikl

louise birritteri | CEO/Founder | Pikl » speaking at HOST

Andrew Boldt, Chief Operating Officer, GUARDHOG

Andrew Boldt | Chief Operating Officer | GUARDHOG » speaking at HOST

Vasu Bonda, Chief Executive Officer,

Vasu Bonda | Chief Executive Officer | » speaking at HOST

Humphrey Bowles, CEO, GUARDHOG

Humphrey Bowles | CEO | GUARDHOG » speaking at HOST

Tora Brooks, Head of Corporate Development, Shepper

Tora Brooks | Head of Corporate Development | Shepper » speaking at HOST

Emily Bruce-Watt, Managing Director, Air Peace of Mind

Emily Bruce-Watt | Managing Director | Air Peace of Mind » speaking at HOST

Neil Budd, Director, Budd Legal

Neil Budd | Director | Budd Legal » speaking at HOST

Fabio Angeli Bufalini, Chief Commercial Officer,

Fabio Angeli Bufalini | Chief Commercial Officer | » speaking at HOST

Bartolomeo Bufi, CEO, Kross Booking

Bartolomeo Bufi | CEO | Kross Booking » speaking at HOST

James Burrows, Chief Executive Officer, Rentals United

James Burrows | Chief Executive Officer | Rentals United » speaking at HOST

Alan Cadden, Director, Cavetta Consulting

Alan Cadden | Director | Cavetta Consulting » speaking at HOST

Ross Calladine, Head of Business Support, Visit England

Ross Calladine | Head of Business Support | Visit England » speaking at HOST

Fiona Campbell, Chief Executive Officer, Association Of Scotland's Self-Caterers

Fiona Campbell | Chief Executive Officer | Association Of Scotland's Self-Caterers » speaking at HOST

James Cassidy, Senior Director, Eu, Homeaway UK Ltd

James Cassidy | Senior Director, Eu | Homeaway UK Ltd » speaking at HOST

Hugo Chadd, Head Of Sales, Homewings

Hugo Chadd | Head Of Sales | Homewings » speaking at HOST

Peter Chambers, Co-founder, COO, SleepBox

Peter Chambers | Co-founder, COO | SleepBox » speaking at HOST

Anya Chanochi, Senior Account Executive, Guesty

Anya Chanochi | Senior Account Executive | Guesty » speaking at HOST

Sonia Chennoufi, Manager, Business Development & Strategic Partnerships, Kigo

Sonia Chennoufi | Manager, Business Development & Strategic Partnerships | Kigo » speaking at HOST

Vivian Chin, Marketing Manager, Your.Rentals AS

Vivian Chin | Marketing Manager | Your.Rentals AS » speaking at HOST

Lily Christensen, Senior Partnerships, Travel, what3words

Lily Christensen | Senior Partnerships, Travel | what3words » speaking at HOST

Robin Clifford, Territory Manager, Northern Europe and Middle East & Africa, Airbnb, Inc.

Robin Clifford | Territory Manager, Northern Europe and Middle East & Africa | Airbnb, Inc. » speaking at HOST

Riccardo Cocco, Director of Sales & Ambassador, Besafe Rate

Riccardo Cocco | Director of Sales & Ambassador | Besafe Rate » speaking at HOST

Anthony Collias, Chief Commercial Officer And Co-Founder, Stasher

Anthony Collias | Chief Commercial Officer And Co-Founder | Stasher » speaking at HOST

Tony Couch, GDPR Consultant, QEMS

Tony Couch | GDPR Consultant | QEMS » speaking at HOST

Phil Crothers, Director, XLR8 Marketing

Phil Crothers | Director | XLR8 Marketing » speaking at HOST

Daniel Czyszczon, Co-Founder, Room Extension Solution Hotel

Daniel Czyszczon | Co-Founder | Room Extension Solution Hotel » speaking at HOST

Robert Darling, COO, Eko Communications

Robert Darling | COO | Eko Communications » speaking at HOST

Christian De Boer, Managing Director, Jaya House River Park

Christian De Boer | Managing Director | Jaya House River Park » speaking at HOST

Luca De Giglio, Chief Executive Officer, Trips Community

Luca De Giglio | Chief Executive Officer | Trips Community » speaking at HOST

Cornelia De Ruiter, Co-Founder, Homewings

Cornelia De Ruiter | Co-Founder | Homewings » speaking at HOST

Vanessa De Souza Lage, Co-Founder And Chief Marketing Officer, Rentals United

Vanessa De Souza Lage | Co-Founder And Chief Marketing Officer | Rentals United » speaking at HOST

Cindy Diffenderfer, Co-Founder And Chief Marketing Officer, Niido

Cindy Diffenderfer | Co-Founder And Chief Marketing Officer | Niido » speaking at HOST

Sarah DuPre, Sales Director, AirDNA

Sarah DuPre | Sales Director | AirDNA » speaking at HOST

Adam Edgell-Bush, CoFounder, Homyze

Adam Edgell-Bush | CoFounder | Homyze » speaking at HOST

Alan Egan, Co-founder, Vacation Soup

Alan Egan | Co-founder | Vacation Soup » speaking at HOST

Dustin Figge, Founder And Managing Director, Homelike

Dustin Figge | Founder And Managing Director | Homelike » speaking at HOST

Weronika Figueiredo, Co-founder, Doinn

Weronika Figueiredo | Co-founder | Doinn » speaking at HOST

Marc Figueras, Co-Founder, KeyNest

Marc Figueras | Co-Founder | KeyNest » speaking at HOST

John Flanagan, Head of Sales, Kigo

John Flanagan | Head of Sales | Kigo » speaking at HOST

James Foice, Chief Executive Officer, The ASAP

James Foice | Chief Executive Officer | The ASAP » speaking at HOST

Mark Forrester, Chairman, 80 Days

Mark Forrester | Chairman | 80 Days » speaking at HOST

Giovanna Gargano, Founder, BookingBnb

Giovanna Gargano | Founder | BookingBnb » speaking at HOST

Matt Gatenby, Senior Partner, Travlaw

Matt Gatenby | Senior Partner | Travlaw » speaking at HOST

Robert Geller, Founder, FabStayz

Robert Geller | Founder | FabStayz » speaking at HOST

Andrea Gerosa, Founder, ThinkYoung

Andrea Gerosa | Founder | ThinkYoung » speaking at HOST

Sarp Gogebakan, General Manager, Chateau Bouffemont

Sarp Gogebakan | General Manager | Chateau Bouffemont » speaking at HOST

Sheli Grumet, Business Development Manager, Marketplace, Guesty

Sheli Grumet | Business Development Manager, Marketplace | Guesty » speaking at HOST

Steven Haag, General Manager, Sonder UK

Steven Haag | General Manager | Sonder UK » speaking at HOST

Pieter Hamman, Owner, Glazebrook House

Pieter Hamman | Owner | Glazebrook House » speaking at HOST

Peter Hancock, Chief Executive Officer, Pride of Britain Hotels

Peter Hancock | Chief Executive Officer | Pride of Britain Hotels » speaking at HOST

Alistair Handyside, Chairman, PASC UK

Alistair Handyside | Chairman | PASC UK » speaking at HOST

Lorna Handyside, Owner, Higher Wiscombe

Lorna Handyside | Owner | Higher Wiscombe » speaking at HOST

George Hart, CEO & Co-Founder, Tobooka

George Hart | CEO & Co-Founder | Tobooka » speaking at HOST

Aye Helsig, VP Europe, Homeaway UK Ltd

Aye Helsig | VP Europe | Homeaway UK Ltd » speaking at HOST

Harvey Hernandez, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Niido (Powered by Airbnb)

Harvey Hernandez | Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer | Niido (Powered by Airbnb) » speaking at HOST

Mikaela Hillerstrom, Founder, Managing Legal Partner, Taxbnb

Mikaela Hillerstrom | Founder, Managing Legal Partner | Taxbnb » speaking at HOST

Michael Hillier Jr, Hotel Manager, The Renwick Hotel, Hilton Worldwide

Michael Hillier Jr | Hotel Manager, The Renwick Hotel | Hilton Worldwide » speaking at HOST

Adrian Hinrichsen, Founder, AirSuperhosting

Adrian Hinrichsen | Founder | AirSuperhosting » speaking at HOST

Kevin Hoenger, IT Project Manager, Vision AG

Kevin Hoenger | IT Project Manager | Vision AG » speaking at HOST

Matthew Hoffman, SVP, Kigo

Matthew Hoffman | SVP | Kigo » speaking at HOST

Zeshan Hussein, Sales Manager, Oodls

Zeshan Hussein | Sales Manager | Oodls » speaking at HOST

Kurt Janson, Director, Tourism Alliance

Kurt Janson | Director | Tourism Alliance » speaking at HOST

Anja Jordan, Director of Growth, Culture Trip

Anja Jordan | Director of Growth | Culture Trip » speaking at HOST

Nicolas Jurado Allende, CEO, Dotrotter

Nicolas Jurado Allende | CEO | Dotrotter » speaking at HOST

Mark Kellett, Chief Executive Officer, Magnet Networks

Mark Kellett | Chief Executive Officer | Magnet Networks » speaking at HOST

Frances Kiradjian, CEO, Boutique & Lifestyle Leaders Association (BLLA)

Frances Kiradjian | CEO | Boutique & Lifestyle Leaders Association (BLLA) » speaking at HOST

Marloes Knippenberg, Chief Executive Officer, Kerten Hospitality

Marloes Knippenberg | Chief Executive Officer | Kerten Hospitality » speaking at HOST

Elisabeth Kohlbach, CEO & Cofounder, Skwire

Elisabeth Kohlbach | CEO & Cofounder | Skwire » speaking at HOST

Steven Kopandy, Director and Founder of CycleCities, Book Direct Symposium

Steven Kopandy | Director and Founder of CycleCities | Book Direct Symposium » speaking at HOST

Christian Kraus, Business Owner, Outpost Casa Das Arribas

Christian Kraus | Business Owner | Outpost Casa Das Arribas » speaking at HOST

Piotr Kubiczek, Chief Executive Officer, HelloHere

Piotr Kubiczek | Chief Executive Officer | HelloHere » speaking at HOST

Katharina Kunze, Global Sales Leader, VISIONAPARTMENTS

Katharina Kunze | Global Sales Leader | VISIONAPARTMENTS » speaking at HOST

Richard Lambert, Chief Executive Officer, National Landlords Association

Richard Lambert | Chief Executive Officer | National Landlords Association » speaking at HOST

Rocio Lane, Founder, Cleancio

Rocio Lane | Founder | Cleancio » speaking at HOST

Maud Larpent, Vice President Product Management, Homeaway UK Ltd

Maud Larpent | Vice President Product Management | Homeaway UK Ltd » speaking at HOST

Jannik Lawaetz, CEO, LuggageHero

Jannik Lawaetz | CEO | LuggageHero » speaking at HOST

Sophie Leang, Head of Marketing & Communication, Shepper

Sophie Leang | Head of Marketing & Communication | Shepper » speaking at HOST

Simon Lehmann, Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder, AJL Consulting

Simon Lehmann | Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder | AJL Consulting » speaking at HOST

Alexander Limpert, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, GuestReady

Alexander Limpert | Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer | GuestReady » speaking at HOST

Kent Lindvall, Founder, Treehotel

Kent Lindvall | Founder | Treehotel » speaking at HOST

Karen Lohnert, Founder, Sleeperoo

Karen Lohnert | Founder | Sleeperoo » speaking at HOST

Sergio Lombardi, Founder, Managing Tax Partner, Taxbnb

Sergio Lombardi | Founder, Managing Tax Partner | Taxbnb » speaking at HOST

Patrick Lomsdalen, CEO & Founder, FLEXIPASS Keyless Mobile Access

Patrick Lomsdalen | CEO & Founder | FLEXIPASS Keyless Mobile Access » speaking at HOST

Christopher Lovold, Director, elina PMS

Christopher Lovold | Director | elina PMS » speaking at HOST

Jamie Lynch, Marketing, Airbnb

Jamie Lynch | Marketing | Airbnb » speaking at HOST

Piercarlo Mansueto, Chief Executive Officer, Sharewood

Piercarlo Mansueto | Chief Executive Officer | Sharewood » speaking at HOST

Tyann Marcink, Community Ambassador, Touch Stay

Tyann Marcink | Community Ambassador | Touch Stay » speaking at HOST

José María, CEO, Brickstarter

José María | CEO | Brickstarter » speaking at HOST

Brian Marrinan, Managing Partner, Journey Partners

Brian Marrinan | Managing Partner | Journey Partners » speaking at HOST

Angelo Mastropietro, Owner, The Rockhouse Retreat

Angelo Mastropietro | Owner | The Rockhouse Retreat » speaking at HOST

Roy Mckenzie, Chief Executive Officer And Owner, London Serviced Apartments

Roy Mckenzie | Chief Executive Officer And Owner | London Serviced Apartments » speaking at HOST

Andy Mcnulty, Co-Founder, Touch Stay

Andy Mcnulty | Co-Founder | Touch Stay » speaking at HOST

Jorge Melo, Chief Marketing Officer, Cohosting

Jorge Melo | Chief Marketing Officer | Cohosting » speaking at HOST

Jeroen Merchiers, Managing Director, Airbnb, Inc.

Jeroen Merchiers | Managing Director | Airbnb, Inc. » speaking at HOST

Giacomo Miola, Founder, Gastronomic Trekking

Giacomo Miola | Founder | Gastronomic Trekking » speaking at HOST

Elio Mondello Anza, CEO, Mondosol

Elio Mondello Anza | CEO | Mondosol » speaking at HOST

Jean-Philippe Monod De Froideville, Vice President Government and Corporate Affairs, Expedia Group

Jean-Philippe Monod De Froideville | Vice President Government and Corporate Affairs | Expedia Group » speaking at HOST

Kate Morel, Owner, Morel & Co

Kate Morel | Owner | Morel & Co » speaking at HOST

Oliver Morgan, Founder, Sentient House

Oliver Morgan | Founder | Sentient House » speaking at HOST

Erica Muller, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Vrolio

Erica Muller | Founder And Chief Executive Officer | Vrolio » speaking at HOST

Karen Mullins, Managing Director, Uk And Ireland, Homeaway UK Ltd

Karen Mullins | Managing Director, Uk And Ireland | Homeaway UK Ltd » speaking at HOST

Tim Mutton, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Blacksheep

Tim Mutton | Founder And Chief Executive Officer | Blacksheep » speaking at HOST

Mark Nathan, Managing Director, Chalets1066

Mark Nathan | Managing Director | Chalets1066 » speaking at HOST

Eleanor Nesic, Head of Operations, Sloane Collection

Eleanor Nesic | Head of Operations | Sloane Collection » speaking at HOST

Ilaria Niccoli, Creative Director, Niccoli.Design

Ilaria Niccoli | Creative Director | Niccoli.Design » speaking at HOST

Kate Nicholls, Chief Executive Officer, UKHospitality

Kate Nicholls | Chief Executive Officer | UKHospitality » speaking at HOST

Hans Niemi, Chief Executive Officer, Sunborn International

Hans Niemi | Chief Executive Officer | Sunborn International » speaking at HOST

Alex Nigg, Founder, Properly, Inc

Alex Nigg | Founder | Properly, Inc » speaking at HOST

Alexander Novicov, CEO, IQD

Alexander Novicov | CEO | IQD » speaking at HOST

Robert Nunez, President, Co Host Expert Company

Robert Nunez | President | Co Host Expert Company » speaking at HOST

Niki Christian Nutsch, Regional Director Business Development | Europe, THIRDHOME

Niki Christian Nutsch | Regional Director Business Development | Europe | THIRDHOME » speaking at HOST

Mikus Opelts, Chief Executive Officer, Giraffe360

Mikus Opelts | Chief Executive Officer | Giraffe360 » speaking at HOST

Magdalena Osmola, Marketing And Communications Director, Vale Do Lobo

Magdalena Osmola | Marketing And Communications Director | Vale Do Lobo » speaking at HOST

William Parry, COO, ALTIDO

William Parry | COO | ALTIDO » speaking at HOST

Eric Partaker, Co-Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder, Chilango

Eric Partaker | Co-Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder | Chilango » speaking at HOST

Marcello Pelucchi, Co-founder, SharenSplit

Marcello Pelucchi | Co-founder | SharenSplit » speaking at HOST

Na'im Peyman, Chief Revolutionary, Zeevou

Na'im Peyman | Chief Revolutionary | Zeevou » speaking at HOST

Natalee Pfiefer, Vice President Growth, GuestForce

Natalee Pfiefer | Vice President Growth | GuestForce » speaking at HOST

Mr Na'im Pilon, Partner Success Manager, Zeevou

Mr Na'im Pilon | Partner Success Manager | Zeevou » speaking at HOST

John Pollard, Senior Employee Benefits Consultant, Mattioli Woods Plc

John Pollard | Senior Employee Benefits Consultant | Mattioli Woods Plc » speaking at HOST

Tom Powers, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Abodeca

Tom Powers | Founder And Chief Executive Officer | Abodeca » speaking at HOST

Mr Peter Ramsey, Director, Screenlyy

Mr Peter Ramsey | Director | Screenlyy » speaking at HOST

Jasper Ribbers, Founder, Get Paid For Your Pad

Jasper Ribbers | Founder | Get Paid For Your Pad » speaking at HOST

Florian Richter, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Everystay

Florian Richter | Founder And Chief Executive Officer | Everystay » speaking at HOST

Moriya Rockman, CMO, Smiling House Ltd

Moriya Rockman | CMO | Smiling House Ltd » speaking at HOST

Alex Rodick, Global Partnerships Manager, Stonewall

Alex Rodick | Global Partnerships Manager | Stonewall » speaking at HOST

Rene Roseberg, Chief Executive Officer And Managing Partner, The Passionist

Rene Roseberg | Chief Executive Officer And Managing Partner | The Passionist » speaking at HOST

Julia Mallaby Rossler, Chief Marketing Officer,

Julia Mallaby Rossler | Chief Marketing Officer | » speaking at HOST

Miriana Rovaron, Co-Owner, Cinque Terre Riviera

Miriana Rovaron | Co-Owner | Cinque Terre Riviera » speaking at HOST

Pete Rowan, EVP of Operations, YapStone Inc

Pete Rowan | EVP of Operations | YapStone Inc » speaking at HOST

Adam Rowledge, Managing Director, Rowledge Associates

Adam Rowledge | Managing Director | Rowledge Associates » speaking at HOST

Nicola Rule, Operations Manager, NUK

Nicola Rule | Operations Manager | NUK » speaking at HOST

Elle Rustique, Chief Executive Officer And Founder, TipGenie

Elle Rustique | Chief Executive Officer And Founder | TipGenie » speaking at HOST

Kathryn Ryan, Account Executive, Kigo

Kathryn Ryan | Account Executive | Kigo » speaking at HOST

Andrew Sangster, Editorial Director, Hotel Analyst Ltd

Andrew Sangster | Editorial Director | Hotel Analyst Ltd » speaking at HOST

Andria Santos, CEO, Fulhaus

Andria Santos | CEO | Fulhaus » speaking at HOST

Natalie Schwartz, Host Marketing Director, Airbnb, Inc.

Natalie Schwartz | Host Marketing Director | Airbnb, Inc. » speaking at HOST

Mr Ammar Shaer, Business Development Manager, Zeevou

Mr Ammar Shaer | Business Development Manager | Zeevou » speaking at HOST

Tom Shrive, Chief Executive Officer, AskPorter

Tom Shrive | Chief Executive Officer | AskPorter » speaking at HOST

Tammi Sims, Vice President Of Customer, Properly, Inc

Tammi Sims | Vice President Of Customer | Properly, Inc » speaking at HOST

Luca Sini, CEO & Co-Founder, Edgar Smart Concierge

Luca Sini | CEO & Co-Founder | Edgar Smart Concierge » speaking at HOST

Ben Smith, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Check-In Scan

Ben Smith | Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer | Check-In Scan » speaking at HOST

Will Smith, Co-Founder, The Plum Guide

Will Smith | Co-Founder | The Plum Guide » speaking at HOST

Robert Sonato, Co-founder, SharenSplit

Robert Sonato | Co-founder | SharenSplit » speaking at HOST

Alejandro Soria, Founder & CEO, Cohosting

Alejandro Soria | Founder & CEO | Cohosting » speaking at HOST

Amiad Soto, Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder, Guesty

Amiad Soto | Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder | Guesty » speaking at HOST

Sarah Stenhouse, CEO and Founder, Oodls

Sarah Stenhouse | CEO and Founder | Oodls » speaking at HOST

Chris Stephenson, Senior Director, New Ventures, Marriott International

Chris Stephenson | Senior Director, New Ventures | Marriott International » speaking at HOST

Paul Stevens, News Editor, International Hospitality Media

Paul Stevens | News Editor | International Hospitality Media » speaking at HOST

Claus Strawbridge, Marketing Director, Guldsmeden Hotels

Claus Strawbridge | Marketing Director | Guldsmeden Hotels » speaking at HOST

Julian Svirsky, CEO, ATLANT.IO

Julian Svirsky | CEO | ATLANT.IO » speaking at HOST

Mr Riccardo Tessaro, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Gravity Co Living

Mr Riccardo Tessaro | Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer | Gravity Co Living » speaking at HOST

Laurens Theunis, Chief Executive Officer, Lexigogo

Laurens Theunis | Chief Executive Officer | Lexigogo » speaking at HOST

Topi Tiihonen, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Skenariolabs

Topi Tiihonen | Founder And Chief Executive Officer | Skenariolabs » speaking at HOST

John Toms, Group Services Director, Asbestos Building Surveys

John Toms | Group Services Director | Asbestos Building Surveys » speaking at HOST

Rosalba Trozzi, Manager, Client Success, Kigo

Rosalba Trozzi | Manager, Client Success | Kigo » speaking at HOST

Chuong Van Dang, Co-Founder, Hammock Solutions

Chuong Van Dang | Co-Founder | Hammock Solutions » speaking at HOST

Emily Van Eyssen, Director, Flamingo Short Lets

Emily Van Eyssen | Director | Flamingo Short Lets » speaking at HOST

Andres Varela, Strategic Alliances & Growth, Servantrip

Andres Varela | Strategic Alliances & Growth | Servantrip » speaking at HOST

Richard Vaughton, Director And Co-Founder, Rentivo

Richard Vaughton | Director And Co-Founder | Rentivo » speaking at HOST

Fiona Veitch, Marketing & New Business Director, Portico Host

Fiona Veitch | Marketing & New Business Director | Portico Host » speaking at HOST

Rik Vercoutere, Chief Executive Officer, Odevaere

Rik Vercoutere | Chief Executive Officer | Odevaere » speaking at HOST

Deirdre Wells, Chief Executive Officer, VisitKent

Deirdre Wells | Chief Executive Officer | VisitKent » speaking at HOST

Marcin Wesolowski, Director Of Operations,

Marcin Wesolowski | Director Of Operations | » speaking at HOST

Stewart White, Head of Growth, NoiseAware

Stewart White | Head of Growth | NoiseAware » speaking at HOST

Nick Whitfield, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, CityUnscripted

Nick Whitfield | Founder And Chief Executive Officer | CityUnscripted » speaking at HOST

Brett Wise, Founder, Screenlyy

Brett Wise | Founder | Screenlyy » speaking at HOST

Michal Witalis, Co-Founder, Room Extension Solution Hotel

Michal Witalis | Co-Founder | Room Extension Solution Hotel » speaking at HOST

Dana Young, Founder, Virtual Concierge Service

Dana Young | Founder | Virtual Concierge Service » speaking at HOST

Demetrios Zoppos, Co-founder & Executive Chairman, Klevio

Demetrios Zoppos | Co-founder & Executive Chairman | Klevio » speaking at HOST


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