The future of energy in VIETNAM


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Vietnam, the most exciting renewable energy market in South East Asia


Additional 100GW of installed capacity by 2030
Solar capacity to increase to 15GW
Wind capacity to increase to 6Gw
Government investing US$143 Billion
Introduction of a solar feed-in tariff of up to 9.35 US cents/kWh




Vietnam’s largest renewable energy event


Now in its 3rd year, The Future Energy Show Vietnam has firmly established itself as the leading renewable event in the country. The event is effectively five shows in one. Here’s what you can expect in 2020:

Four tracks of conference content covering Solar and storage, Wind, Smart energy and grids

40 speakers sharing insights, innovations, and ideas

150 exhibitors showcasing the best renewable and smart energy solutions available from across Asia

Over 5,000 attendees all looking to invest in solutions now




5 events 1 show






Over 150 of the worlds leading energy providers under one roof for two days

Showcasing the latest technology in solar, storage, wind, smart energy and power generation. These are the companies leading innovation and disruption in the Vietnamese energy industry. There are limited booths available click here if you’d like to reserve one now>

Source solutions, meet new partners, be inspired



Sponsors and exhibitors at our 2019 shows

5,000+ Attendees  |  150 Exhibitors  |  40 Speakers 

2 free conferences - 40+ speakers


Come an hear what the industries leaders have to say about the future of energy in Vietnam, covering the renewable and conventional energy eco-system:

The Utility-Scale outlook
Solar technology innovations
Floating solar projects
The rooftop outlook
Commercializing solar projects
Connecting rooftop to the grid
O+M for solar farms
Off-grid solar
Rural electrification and solar
Solar powered EV’s
Financing solar projects
Gas fired generation
Oil fired generation
Clean coal
Thermal power production
New technologies and advances in O+M
Hybrid generation
New storage technologies
Energy storage to thermal generation
Hybrid renewable energy storage
Energy storage for solar
New battery technologies
Commercial scale energy storage
Micro-grids and energy storage
Remote storage
Pumped hydro storage
Distributed storage
Smart grids
Retrofit or refit?
Network planning
IoT Applications for Utilities
Demand side management
Energy efficiency
Blockchain applications
Smart metering
Big data and utlities
Drone applications
Smart living
Rural electrification with wind
New turbine technology
Project updates
Scaling up wind projects
Offshore wind
Financing wind projects
O&M for wind farms
Remote monitoring
Cybersecurity and wind





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“This is a great show- Great attendance!”

Jinko Solar

“A wonderful opportunity to meet all the stakeholders in a single place. It gave me the opportunity to network with Developers, investors, EPC contractors and OEMs and further our business interests in the Vietnam.”

Vikram Solar

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