Dr Wandee Khunchornyakong | Chief Executive Officer
S.P.C.G.Public Co Ltd

Dr Wandee Khunchornyakong, Chief Executive Officer, S.P.C.G.Public Co Ltd

Dr. Wandee Khunchornyakong Juljarern is the pioneer of the solar farm & solar roof developer in Thailand and ASEAN since 2010.

Thailand’s solar power market was at a standstill in 2008, with solar energy accounting for less than 2 MW of installed capacity. Technology costs were falling and the government was starting incentives for renewable energy developers. She, having been in the solar panel manufacturing industry for decades, saw potential. She wanted to help reduce Thailand’s reliance on imported energy, and she believed she could drive economic growth in one of the country’s most impoverished regions at the same time by building utility-scale solar farms. Funding from the World Bank Group’s International Finance Corporation gave her Solar Power Company Group (SPCG) the boost it needed to attract investors to a then-untested arena in Thailand. By 2014, 260 MW installed capacity from 36 solar farms were completed. Dr. Wandee and SPCG have received numerous international awards, most notably the prestigious Momentum for Change – Women for Results award, part of the UNFCCC’s Lighthouse Activities in 2014 at Lima, Peru. The award honors projects from around the world that address climate change as well as wider economic, social and environmental challenges. According to the UN, the project can reduce 200,000 tonnes of CO2-equivalent emissions yearly.

Apart from the business side, Dr. Wandee also lends her time to social and charitable causes. She is the president of the National Council of Women of Thailand which supports women leaders and promotes the status of women in Thai society.


Day One Future Energy Show Thailand @ 14:00

KEYNOTE: Panel Discussion - Financing Renewable Energy Projects in Thailand & Asia

  • What are the latest trends and issues in financing renewable energy projects?
  • What kind of energy and project finance policies in Thailand does international banks want to see? How can Thailand encourage their participation?
  • How is Thailand’s local banking financing renewable energy projects? How easy it is to access local currency financing?
  • What are the characteristics of multilateral capital in financing renewable energy in Thailand – their risk appetite, credit enhancement, market making and the soft power to influence government policy making?
  • Are all investor classes stepping into the fold to drive renewable energy projects forward in Thailand? How to motivate new sources of financing for renewable energy?

Day Two Future Energy Show Thailand @ 15:00

Solar farm development: SPCG’s perspective

last published: 27/Nov/19 06:45 GMT

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