The future of energy in Thailand

Thailand already leads South-East Asia in renewable energy installed capacity, and it has ambitious plans to develop the sector further. The government has recently revised its renewable energy target to 30% renewables in the energy mix by 2036, this would represent 15-20% of total power consumption.

A study conducted by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) indicates that Thailand could actually achieve 37% renewables whilst also reducing energy costs and saving around $8b per year by 2036.

Solar represents a significant proportion of the renewable energy mix in Thailand. There is significant investment in new solar farms across the country and new legislation has been passed to encourage the adoption of rooftop solar. Solar installations on commercial, industrial and public buildings are going mainstream, and with the opening up of the energy market, this is set to increase further.

Running parallel to the renewable initiative is The Smart Grid initiative which is part of the Ministry of Energy’s Master Plan. This plan maps out a framework that focuses on the security of energy supply, grid resiliency, and energy efficiency. Utilities are investing in new technologies to improve operational efficiency, enable consumer participation and improve energy storage solutions. It is anticipated that state-owned utilities will spend up to Bt200 Billion on implementing smart grid projects between now and 2036.

Thailand poses a real opportunity for renewable energy suppliers and smart energy solution providers.

An exciting new event for Thailand

Following incredibly successful events in The Philippines and Vietnam, we’re now bringing our show to Thailand. The event is effectively five shows in one. Here’s what you can expect in Thailand:

  • Six tracks of conference content covering Solar, Power Generation, transmission and distribution, Wind, Smart energy, and energy storage
  • 150 speakers sharing insights, innovations, and ideas
  • 70 exhibitors showcasing the best renewable and smart energy solutions available from across Asia
  • Over 2,000 attendees all looking to invest in solutions now


Come and build the future of energy in Thailand.




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