Sanand Sule | CTO
Climate Connect Technologies

Sanand Sule, CTO, Climate Connect Technologies

Sanand is the co-founder, former CTO, and current country-CEO for India of Climate Connect Technologies. In this capacity, he now leads both technology development, and business strategy. Reflecting how the sector is evolving, and the need for even tighter alignment of these functions. He guides the team with all aspects, ranging from machine learning (ML) algorithm and software development, to customer engagement and business development.

After completing his MTech in Electrical Engineering from IIT Bombay in 2006, Sanand worked at Symantec for 3 years in software security product development, then at Goldman Sachs for 2 years building trading systems.

He then ventured out into the start-up world focusing on building interesting software and mobile applications. After getting involved with Climate Connect in its previous form during early 2013, and building data analytics products for the Californian Carbon and Indian Power markets, he co-refounded the company and led its pivot into ML-based predictive analytics for the energy domain. These solutions are to-date servicing over 6 GW of solar and wind projects, and over 25 GW of load under power distribution utilities.

As a part-time interest, he was a visiting faculty member at the University of Pune, teaching about algorithms and mentoring student projects for postgraduate courses. Apart from grokking the tech space, Sanand enjoys watching sci-fi movies, camping in national parks, volunteering for tree and tiger conservation, and going on random road trips.


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