Ruth Briones | Chairman And Chief Executive Officer
Greenergy Solutions

Ruth Briones, Chairman And Chief Executive Officer, Greenergy Solutions

Ruth P Briones is a Sustainability Expert and acknowledged climate leader. She has long years of experience working for sustainable development, directly involve in environment, energy and natural resources development, public private partnerships projects and renewable energy with the private sector and the Government in the Philippines and some Asian Countries. Under Ruth’s direct supervision and leadership, she is developing a total capacity of 1400.0 MW Renewable Energy projects in the Philippines and some ASIAN countries, 1000.0 MW of which are solar energy and 400.0 MW Waste-toenergy, hydroelectric and Biomass projects. She is working on the development stages of renewable energy projects in Nepal and Sri Lanka and negotiating for PPP Waste-to-Energy projects in Indonesia and primary cities in the Philippines. After working with the Philippine Government for 25 years and as International Consultant with the Asian Development Bank, she joined the private sector doing sustainable environment, climate change mitigation and renewable energy development, policy formulation, researches and financial consultancy. Ruth is one of the authors of the Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability, Volume VII- Public-Private Partnerships in 2014. She authored and principal proponent of the framework of a Zero Waste Agenda as scheme for circular economy for the ASEAN. Ruth, as climate engineer and sustainability legal expert, in 2015, she was declared as one of the 50 Global Sustainability Superstars during the 2015 World’s Sustainability Congress in Mauritius in December 8, 2015. She was conferred the “Sustainability Leadership Award and listed at the same time presented as one of the Most Impactful Green Leaders, Global Listings, during the 2016 World CSR Congress in Mumbai, India on February 2016. In 2017, she was presented the Sustainability Leadership Excellence Award by the International Management Excellence Council.


Day Two Future Energy Show Thailand @ 11:00

Hybrid solar + Storage: International experience and outlook for Thailand

Get to understand more about the outlook for hybrid solar + storage from Greenergy, who is developing 400+ MW of hybrid solar farms in the Philippines & Nepal.
last published: 27/Nov/19 06:45 GMT

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