Pruk Aggarangsi | Director Energy Research And Development Institute Nakornping
Chiang Mai University

Pruk Aggarangsi, Director Energy Research And Development Institute Nakornping, Chiang Mai University

Asst. Prof. Dr. Pruk Aggarangsi is currently the Director of Energy Research and Development Institute- Nakornping, Chiang Mai University and Assistance Professor in Mechanical Engineering Chiang Mai University, Thailand. He has a wide scope of expertise covering areas such as renewable energy, waste water treatment, numerical and finite element modeling, simulation and analysis, energy balance analysis, robotic system design and mechanical vibration analysis. In Chiang Mai University, he conducts and co-conducts courses that include areas of Engineering Mechanics, Robotics Engineering, Problem Solving Using Computer Programs, Advanced Solid Mechanics, Mechanical Vibration, Finite Element Analysis, Advanced Mathematical Technique for Engineers, and Renewable Energy. He also plays an important role in driving Chiang Mai University’s Smart City-Clean Energy Project to create a society of wisdom and sustainable development for the community.


Day One Future Energy Show Thailand @ 12:00

The future of bio-energy technologies in Thailand

last published: 27/Nov/19 06:45 GMT

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