Peter Lundberg | Head Of Operations
Asia Pacific Urban Energy Association

Peter Lundberg, Head Of Operations, Asia Pacific Urban Energy Association

Mr. Lundberg is an energy engineer with more than twelve years of experience as Team Leader, Project Manager, Technical Manager, System Designer, and Project Planner. He has worked and lived in several countries such as Sweden, China, and Thailand. He has extensive experience in district heating, district cooling, energy efficiency, renewable energy, demand-side management (DSM), and sustainable urban development. Currently, Mr. Lundberg is the Head of Operations at the Asia Pacific Urban Energy Association (APUEA) in Bangkok, Thailand. He is leading the APUEA secretariat to explore, develop and promote sustainable energy for cities in the Asia Pacific region.


Day One Future Energy Show Thailand @ 09:00

Unlocking the potential of Multi Energy Systems for Sustainable Cities in Asia Pacific

last published: 27/Nov/19 06:45 GMT

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