Lathika Chandra Mouli | Business Development Manager
Vertech Capital

Lathika Chandra Mouli, Business Development Manager, Vertech Capital

Lathika is an electrical engineer who has worked with a range of start-ups and companies on energy innovation projects. Her key areas of focus include infrastructure development for sustainable urbanization and digital innovations in energy. She has overlooked the acquisition and management of projects focusing on decentralized autonomous energy exchanges in the Philippines, India, Thailand, and Singapore. She is currently leading the development of Evergo, blockchain-based network of solar-powered EV charging stations to brings end-to-end
sustainability in the emobility sector.

Lathika is also a winner of the UN Environment’s Asia Pacific Low Carbon Lifestyles Challenge, and has represented start-ups at various international stages including the Echelon Top 100 APAC Startups and the Startup Energy Transition.


Day Two Future Energy Show Thailand @ 09:00

Blockchain for Solar, EV, and Carbon Markets

Blockchain can be used to create a network of renewable-energy based EV charging stations and generate carbon credits for investors. This increases the business case for investors, and provides end-to-end sustainability to the EV movement.
last published: 27/Nov/19 06:45 GMT

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