Ihab Abdelkarim Seidy | MD
Transkinect Pte Ltd

Ihab Abdelkarim Seidy, MD, Transkinect Pte Ltd


Day One Future Energy Show Thailand @ 13:00

Harnessing optimal energy mechanically from space

Since the 18th century science has held on to the theory that “energy cannot be created nor destroyed but can only be transformed from one form to another” and very few researchers have attempted to explore the possibilities to harness or create energy. This paper details extensive efforts which has led to the reality of creating energy from space mechanically. Although there is still lots of un-answered questions regarding the 70% dark energy in our space, this paper shows a direct intersection between mechanical systems and the laws of physics. After a rigorous two years of investigations, only to realize the new reality that most scientists have avoided to hear, that a mechanical system can capture energy from space and increase efficiency to more than 100%. The principle used in this experimental research to increase mechanical power output is simply by either eliminating reaction torque or by increasing the speed of the mechanical system without change in the input source. This principle is substantial for anyone in the field of physics to accept and appreciate. The results presented in this research paper are a lightning spark for physicists, and definitely if we are all serious about the climate change challenges and the need for clean energy, then this technology is the answer. It is an eye opener to the new world and will create waves of disruptions for all power systems and technologies on our planet. These results are not a mere theoretic assertions but purely based on experimental results, confirmed in July 2019 and followed with a Patent Pending application at USA patent office in September 2019.
last published: 27/Nov/19 06:45 GMT

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