Graeme Saunders | Chief Executive Officer
Geoflow Imaging

Graeme Saunders, Chief Executive Officer, Geoflow Imaging

Graeme worked in management for over 12 years in one of the world's leading investment and trading companies and had a successful career developing strategy, building relationships, executing investments, and raising capital in various markets and sectors across the globe.

Graeme has been a passionate and committed climate change advocate for many years. Graeme was behind the establishment of Oceania’s largest carbon reduction company operating within the Clean Development Mechanism framework which helped him understand the challenges associated with climate change, and the politics around it. Since leaving his management role he has dedicated his career to finding, and promoting innovative renewable energy ideas that can be commercialised and deployed globally. Geoflow Imaging, which he co-founded with Dr Peter Leary is looking to provide a solution that can reduce risks and costs to unleash the full potential of geothermal energy globally.


Day One Future Energy Show Thailand @ 13:00

Driving down the cost and risk of geothermal exploration: What you need to know

last published: 15/Oct/19 13:12 GMT

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