Frank Zimmermann | Authorized Director and Business Line Manager for SE Asia
I.L.F. Consulting Engineers .

Frank Zimmermann, Authorized Director and Business Line Manager for SE Asia, I.L.F. Consulting Engineers .

Frank Zimmermann is Authorized Director ILF Consulting Engineers (Asia) Ltd. in Bangkok, Business Line Manager Renewable Energies for SE Asia and Senior Project Manager for Photovoltaics. ILF is globally positioned in the energy sector as an independent, privately owned engineering firm. 

Being a true insider of the photovoltaic industry since well over 25 years, Frank has been gathering technical and hands-on experience in planning and installation of grid-connected, off-grid PV and PV-hybrid solutions worldwide. Further, he has a deep insight in wafer-based cell and module manufacturing and played a leading role in the technical set-up and project financing for a factory producing silicon thin-film micromorph solar modules based in Asia.

Frank obtained his Diploma (Master´s Degree) as Electrical Engineer from the University of Karlsruhe (TH), Germany and holds a Master of Business Administration (USA).


Day One Future Energy Show Thailand @ 11:30

Decentral Hydrogen Production from Renewable Energy

Day Two Future Energy Show Thailand @ 12:00

Application of the RENRisk-Method to Hybrid Power Systems

last published: 15/Oct/19 13:12 GMT

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