Daniel Mallo | Head Of Asia Pacific Energy
Societe Generale Asia Limited

Daniel Mallo, Head Of Asia Pacific Energy, Societe Generale Asia Limited

Daniel held senior positions with the bank in New York and Paris and has over 15 years of experience in energy finance and over 20 with SG. He has played a leading role in several power financings in Asia and in the Americas including:

- Oversees transaction teams for the financing of several thermal and hydro power projects in Indonesia currently in execution
- Oversaw transaction teams for the financing of the 320 MW Sarulla geothermal project and the 180 MW Asahan-1 hydro power project in Indonesia
- Financed several gas-fired peaker plants in the Western United States over the past 5 years (NRG’s 550 MW El Segungo project, Edison Mission Energy’s 480 MW Walnut Creek project and Competitive Power Ventures’ 800 MW Sentinel project)
- Financed approximately 3,000 MW of wind power capacity and 1,200 MW of solar power capacity in the Americas and Australia 
- Led SG arranging team for the 18mtpa Sabine Pass LNG project (USD 12bn project, USD 8.9bn debt financing)

Daniel holds a graduate degree from HEC business school and is a Member of HEC’s international program, NYU Stern School and Wirtschafts Universitat Vienna.


Day One Future Energy Show Thailand @ 09:00

Solar and wind in South East Asia: Key drivers for development and international lessons

Day Two Future Energy Show Thailand @ 11:00

Financing gas-fired and LNG projects in Thailand & South East Asia

Get a deep dive into SocGen’s 1700MW Jawa 1 project (Indonesia), a first-of-a-kind in Asia, coupling LNG with gas-fired power. Learn about how this marks a coming trend in the region, especially in markets like Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, etc.
last published: 27/Nov/19 06:45 GMT

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