Anne Lehman | Innovation Manager

Anne Lehman, Innovation Manager, BlueSG

Being a tech/business generalist, Anne is passionate about creating products that improve users’ processes and lives in the real world. Long before AirbnB, she launched her first startup that enabled consumers and businesses to do online booking for affordable short-term accommodations, without compromising on the price or the quality. Her second start-up, Pickcell Lab, a biotech company, was launched to develop novel chips to grow cells in 3D in life-mimicking 3D environments.

In BlueSG Anne uncovers and develops innovative solutions for SmartCities leveraging on the company’s cutting-edge position in the eMobility, car-sharing and energy storage industries.


Day One Future Energy Show Thailand @ 16:00

Singapore’s first large scale electric car-sharing service: Lessons learnt from BlueSG

last published: 15/Oct/19 13:12 GMT

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