Solar is a significant part of the Thai renewable strategy. State-owned utilities are investing in utility-scale floating solar projects, the government is offering generous incentives for rooftop solar and large energy users are adopting onsite solar at an increasing rate.

The Solar Show Thailand will bring the together solar and PV manufacturers, solar appliance manufacturers, utility-scale project developers, large energy users, and rooftop installers. The solar conference will discuss:


Conference Tracks





Operations & Maintenance

  • Inspection
  • Testing
  • Certification
  • Cleaning Equipment
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Drones
  • IoT
  • Repair Services
  • Spare Parts
  • Wireless Monitoring Solutions


EPC, Developers & Engineering

  • EPCs
  • Project Developers
  • Planning, Permitting & Siting
  • Installation & Turnkey Suppliers
  • Technical Consultants
  • Consulting Engineers
  • Free-standing PV Installations


PV Balance of Systems

  • Inverters
  • Monitoring, Measurement & Control Technology
  • Energy Management
  • Building Integrated Solutions (BIV)
  • Stand Alone Systems
  • System Integration

PV Cells & Modules

  • Cells
  • Modules
  • Thin-Film


PV Manufacturing – Equipment, Materials & Components

  • Integration & Automation
  • Inspection and Metrology
  • PV Materials & Components
  • Manufacturing Equipment (Ingots, Wafers)


Polysilicon, UMG

  • Manufacturing Equipment for Cell Processing, Module Assembly, Thin-Film Mounting Systems & Installation Aids
  • Mounting
  • Racking


Other PV Components

  • Cables
  • Connectors
  • Junction Boxes
  • Inverters


PV Panel Suppliers & Manufacturers


PV Tracking Systems


Rural Electrification & Off-Grid Solar Systems




  • Utilities and IPPs
  • Solar farm owners and operators
  • Large energy users
  • Property owners and developers
  • Installers
  • EPC’s and project developers
  • Building contractors
  • Smart home contractors
  • Engineering firms
  • Investors and financiers
  • Legal, risk and advisory
  • Government, regulators, ministries, municipalities
  • Local distributors and resellers


This is an event for the Thai market. At least 83% of the audience will come from Thailand

The show always sells out. Contact Elin at to secure your booth now

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