The future of energy in Vietnam

Vietnam, the most exciting renewable energy market in South East Asia.

With 100GW of additional capacity forecast by 2030, and a ten-fold increase in renewable energy generation, Vietnam is serious about the future of its energy sector.

And renewables are poised to be a key part of that future. The Government is targeting to increase installed solar capacity to 15GW and to 6GW of wind capacity. And they are investing US$143 Billion into the sector to do just that.

The recent introduction of a solar feed-in tariff of up to 9.35 US cents/kWh gives the solar industry a boost and large scale solar projects are becoming a reality.

With ambitious targets, a committed government and a healthy investment outlook Vietnam is a very interesting market for developers, investors, generators and manufacturers.

Vietnam is also scaling up its efforts to bring electricity to the entire population, whether on or off-grid, our hope is that this event can help accelerate adoption.

Vietnam’s largest renewable energy event is now also in Hanoi

We’ve listened to your feedback and we know how important the energy market in North Vietnam is to you too. That’s why in 2022 we’re also launching our Hanoi edition, giving you new opportunities to connect with North Vietnam’s energy players. At our 2022 Hanoi edition, you can expect:

  • 40+ speakers sharing their insights, innovations and ideas in our conference sessions
  • 80+ sponsors and exhibitors showcasing the best renewable and smart energy solutions from across Asia
  • Over 2,000 attendees looking to invest in solutions now


Come and build the future of energy in North Vietnam.




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