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Accelerating KSA's sustainable energy future


The energy vision of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is changing and diversifying, this is why we have created the Kingdom's most important clean generation, and power delivery infrastructure event.


The Future Energy Show KSA is the country’s definitive major services and supplier-led exhibition, with a high-level multi-track conference shaping our energy future.


An event that unites all stakeholders – utilities, IPPs, financiers, government and regulators that are developing and future-proofing the regions energy sector. Large energy users in all industries, energy start-ups and anyone who is looking for innovative solutions to their energy challenges.


The Future Energy Show KSA, co-located with Solar & Storage Live KSA is intentionally designed to seamlessly represent an integrated energy value chain in KSA and the opportunities this market presents.
An event platform that is about:
Enabling a diverse energy mix for a more sustainable future.
Power delivery investment that facilitates the integration of clean and renewable energy sources to meet decarbonisation goals.
Projects, infrastructure & digitisation that can cater to the escalating energy demands in the region.


All this, and the billions of Riyals being spent on accelerating the energy transition is what’s driving the growth and opportunity in the KSA energy sector.


You can access this market at The Future Energy Show KSA – the event that brings together industry, opportunity and best practice, all under one roof.


Our clients are looking for solutions at the forefront of energy innovation and in exciting product sectors:
• Smart energy technology
• Transmission & distribution
• Hydrogen
• Renewables & clean energy
• Energy management & consumption

...these companies are in high demand and this is where The Future Energy Show KSA comes in!


Our packages are tailored to meet your needs and guarantee you a curated audience. We look forward to working with you.


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