Aboy Castro | President And Chief Executive Officer
CleanTech Global Renewables, Inc.

Aboy Castro, President And Chief Executive Officer, CleanTech Global Renewables, Inc.

Engr. Salvador Antonio "Aboy" Castro, Jr., is the President & CEO of CleanTech Global Renewables. Inc. He holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of the Philippines, and is a candidate for his Masters in Industrial Relations - Human Resources Development from the School of Labor and Industrial Relations of the University of the Philippines.
He started his career as an Engineer in the National Power Corporation, and has since been involved in the fields of environmental preservation and technology developnment and social entrepreneurship.
Aboy held various executive and management postions in top 500 companies in the Philippines such as Procter & Gamble Philippines, Inc. Coca Cola Bottlters Philippines, Inc., San Miguel Corporation,PLDT-Smart Communications, Inc.
His extensive network in various fields of industry and his coaching and mentoring skills have made him a regular resource speaker on Project & Energy Development and Team Building. Aboy is actively involved in the Private Financing Advisory Network - Asia (PFAN-Asia) wherein Clean Energy projects are linked with suitable financing to help bring these projects to reality.


Power & Electricity World Vietnam 2019 Day One @ 11:40

Developer Perspectives Panel: What role will utility scale solar play in Vietnam in the next decade?

  • FiT for purpose? Updates on new and changing incentives: Can tenders & auctions can make Vietnam’s solar market in Vietnam more efficient?
  • DPPA framework pilot: Providing security for long-term projects
  • How are new technologies increasing output and reducing costs? Exploring solar efficiency, sun tracing and efficient power conversion
  • Overcoming project bottlenecks
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last published: 02/Apr/19 01:05 GMT
last published: 02/Apr/19 01:05 GMT
last published: 02/Apr/19 01:05 GMT

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