Agenda Day 2


Power & Electricity World Vietnam 2019 Day Two


Organiser's welcome remarks


Chair’s opening remarks


Guest-of-Honour Keynote Address: A roadmap for intelligent power grid development

  • Preliminary successes with automating grid operation and enhance grid reliability
  • Working to digitise the grid and implement demand side management and demand response
  • Integrating renewable energy into the modernised grid
  • Cementing Vietnam’s energy future
Panel discussion

Enabling integration: Grid integration development update

  • The current status of grid connection for approved renewable energy plants
  • The future plan to ensure successful grid integration for renewable projects
  • Key initiatives to safeguard grid stability with higher penetration of renewables
Pablo Otin

Learning from international successes: Towards successful RE grid integratio

  • International grid integration success stories: What can Vietnam learn?
  • Technology transfer: What are the key technologies we need for effective RE grid integration?
  • Scaling RE grid integration at speed
  • Partnering for success: What do we need from a policy perspective?
Pablo Otin, Vice President, Emerging Markets, 8Minutenergy Renewables

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Tobias Cossen

Building smart grids: Trends and challenges

  • Getting started with smart grids
  • What can Vietnam learn from similar international smart grid development experiences?
  • How much existing infrastructure needs to be upgraded to enable real smart grid development in Vietnam?
Panel discussion

The smart city energy opportunity

  • Understanding the role of the utility & its partners in smart cities
  • Infrastructure developments necessary for success: Reworking the energy mix and distribution systems
  • Creating energy communities: Microgrid potential for effective smart city energy management
Barry Worthington, Executive Director, U.S. Energy Association

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Chair's welcome remarks

Panel discussion

Panel Discussion: Driving solar adoption at speed: Rooftop solar

  • The huge potential for rooftop solar in Vietnam and preliminary successes
  • Overcoming the major challenges: Combatting unclear grid code and lack of widespread smart metering
  • Getting large energy users on board
  • Creating power trading opportunities
Winnie Huynh, Executive, The Green Solutions
Kim Tuoc Huynh, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Saigon Innovation Hub (SIHUB)
Dat Tran

Case Study: Dong Nai

  • Introduction of Dong Nai and the energy industry at the province
  • Current achievements in energy efficiency, solar and renewable energy
  • Future strategies at Dong Nai
Angus Mitchell

Overcoming legal hurdles to driving solar rooftop adoption in Vietnam

Angus Mitchell, Partner, DFDL Vietnam Law Company Limited's Ho Chi Minh City Branch
Minh Trang Nguyen

An Giang: Application of renewable energy and opportunities for partnership in agriculture and rural development

Viet Anh Truong

Integrating solar energy into the electricity distribution system

    oncerns when solar energy is integrated into the electricity distribution system:
  • Rooftop solar (1kW – 100kW)
  • Utility scale (connected to 22kV and 110kV line)
Viet Anh Truong, Professor, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education
Tam Do Minh

One Million Green Homes

  • One Million Green Homes program introduction, rationale and potential benefits to Vietnam
  • Roadmap of the program implementation
  • Initial results of the program as of now and the future direction
Daniel Wiedmer

Innovative financing structures for renewable energy projects

  • How innovative financing structures from ADB helped realizing Thailand’s first wind and solar projects, and their relevance for Vietnam projects
  • Green bonds: Their current status of development regionally and will they disrupt RE project financing in Vietnam?
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