The future of electric vehicles in The Philippines


The Philippine government are heavily promoting and investing in the electric vehicle industry in The Philippines. Their aim is to have a nation where the use of electric vehicles is highly promoted, encouraged and supported in order to develop a transport system that is both ecological and economical.

With sustainable development a key driver for the government has been actively promoting the use of electric vehicles for public use. They also actively support the manufacture of electric vehicles and have abolished the import tariff on all components for electric vehicles.

The sector is still in its infancy, but is set to grow exponentially in the next few years. There are currently 28 local electric vehicle manufacturers, 11 parts and component manufacturers and 7 importers. Electric jeeps and tricycles are now more common in Metro Manila and other large cities. Large corporations are also investing in electric vehicles, Meralo and Shell being two recent announcements. The Philippines market poses a huge opportunity for anyone in the business of electric vehicles.

The Philippines has 100m growing population, a very bad congestion and pollution problem and a government that is pro-actively supporting the industry.

The Electric Vehicle Show Philippines

The Electric Vehicle Show Philippines is part of largest energy event in the country.

Bringing together more than 8,000 stakeholders, including leading policymakers, regulators, local industry heavyweights, international energy experts and world class technology and solution providers.

The show also includes a buzzing exhibition, across two floors, showcasing the latest technology in the energy industry. There is simply no better place for you to connect with the industry.

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