Zaeem Sajjad | Head of ICT and Robotics
American Lycetuff DNK School System

Zaeem Sajjad, Head of ICT and Robotics, American Lycetuff DNK School System

My name is Zaeem Sajjad, and I currently reside in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Born on April 19, 1997, I am a 26-year-old individual with a passion for computer science and STEM. In 2021, I completed my master's degree in CS.

I have been actively engaged as a Robotics and STEM trainer since 2017, helping students develop their skills and knowledge in these areas. Over the course of my career, I have held various positions nationally and internationally, including Robotics and STEM Trainer, Head of Curriculum Developer for Robotics and ICT, and Program Manager of Robotics Clubs. 

I have embarked on a project called Tech-Child. This initiative aims to provide free computing skills education to every child in Pakistan.

I am also an author and editor of four books on robotics, tailored for students in grades 4, 5, 6, and 7. I have developed Pakistan's First Educational Robotic Kit, RoboSticks.


EDUtech Europe 2023 Conference Day 1 @ 15:10

Show & Tell: Engaging children in creative learning fosters innovation by inspiring imagination

Interdisciplinary Approach: One key point that attendees will learn is the importance of adopting an interdisciplinary approach to education. The STEAM framework encourages the integration of various disciplines, including science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics, to foster holistic learning experiences. Conference participants will gain insights into the benefits of combining these disciplines to promote critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and innovation among K-12 students. They will explore how STEAM education can provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in a rapidly evolving, interconnected world.

Project-Based Learning: Another significant takeaway from the conference will be the effectiveness of project-based learning within the STEAM framework. Attendees will discover how hands-on, inquiry-based projects can engage and motivate students, enabling them to apply their knowledge in real-world contexts. They will learn about successful STEAM projects implemented in K-12 classrooms, as well as strategies for designing and implementing their own projects. The conference will emphasize the importance of collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills developed through project-based learning experiences.

Equity and Inclusion: A crucial aspect of the conference will revolve around equity and inclusion in STEAM education. Attendees will gain insights into strategies for promoting equal access and opportunities for all students, regardless of their background or identity. They will explore ways to engage underrepresented groups, such as girls and minority students, in STEAM fields. The conference will shed light on effective approaches to address implicit biases, gender stereotypes, and other barriers that can limit participation in STEAM education. By emphasizing equity and inclusion, the conference aims to foster a diverse and inclusive learning environment that prepares all students for success in STEAM-related fields.

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