Mohamed Eliwa | CEO
Almotahida Education Group | United Arab Emirates

Mohamed Eliwa, CEO, Almotahida Education Group

Mohamed Eliwa is the founder of Almotahida Education Group and its sister companies, Arabia Inform and Moheet Internet Group. He has more than 40 years of experience in the information/technology industries, including almost 20 years in the digital education sector. In addition to his expertise in information, he has been an IT instructor, trainer and consultant for multiple Ministries of Education and independent education organizations. Mr. Eliwa sits on the Board of Directors of e-Labs, an initiative of the Egyptian Ministry of Telecommunications and IT, focused on enhancing, expanding and promoting the educational and business software industry in Egypt. He is a member of the Egyptian National e-Content Initiative, the Egyptian Copyright Association and the Arab Publishers Association. He was also the recipient of the Arab Federation for Libraries & Information “Person of the Year” Award in 2010, presented to the individual that AFLI believes has made a significant contribution to supporting libraries, cultural activities and language in the Arab World.

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