K12 IT/Business leaders

DAY ONE - 18th APRIL, 2016


K12 IT/Business leaders, Monday 18 April 2016





Chair's opening remarks

Eric Sheninger

Digital Leadership: Changing paradigms for changing times

  • Utilising technology to inspire effective problem solvers who will break new boundaries and be masters of information and their own learning
  • Creating structures and support for engaging learning spaces that reflect the real world environments students will experience
  • Developing the capacity to use technology to improve communications, enhance public relations and develop a positive brand presence
Eric Sheninger, Senior Fellow, International Center for Leadership in Education

Official Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony
Arrival of Dato’ P. Kamalanathan, Deputy Minister of Education Malaysia & honoured guests
National Anthem
Doa Recital
Opening Speech:
Sharon Roessen, Managing Director, Terrapinn Asia
Welcome Address:
Dato’ Yasmin Mahmood, Chief Executive Officer, Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC)
Launch Speech:
Dato’ P. Kamalanathan, Deputy Minister of Education Malaysia

Presentation of commemorative plaques.
Panel discussion

MoE and Ed Leaders Panel: Positioning ASEAN as the World’s premier education hub?

  • How can ASEAN members further collaborate in education to create a connected technology driven educational hub?
  • How well aligned are the current assessment criteria and pedagogy for raising creative and innovative 21st century thinkers?
  • What are the next steps for ASEAN nations to create globalised online learning platforms that will compete with the US and Europe?
  • How can ASEAN members work together to further support a community of lifelong learners that work and learn in the ASEAN region?
Moderator: Ms Sumitra Nair, Director, Youth Division, Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC)
Tinsiri Siribodhi, Deputy Director, Southeast Asian Ministers Of Education Secretariat
Dr Vuong Thanh Huong, Director of Centre for Educational Information, Vietnam Institute of Educational Sciences, Ministry Of Education And Training

Morning networking break


Sean McHugh
K12 IT/Business leaders

Ensuring authentic tech integration without neglecting essential ICT skills

With the understandable rush to embrace authentic, integrated technology, we are in danger of losing a broad, balanced set of IT skills. But can we really have these without reverting to the bad old days of lab teaching? Yes we can, by addressing:
  • The myth of change: Contrary to popular opinion, tech skills are not changing as quickly as you might think
  • Define and focus on the five core domains of tech: video, image, audio, text and data handling
  • Tech ICT skills through reflection, not via traditional skills lessons, by utilising a skills matrix to determine what needs to be taught and where
Sean McHugh, Teacher of Primary School, United World College of South East Asia (Dover Campus)
Andrew McCallister
K12 IT/Business leaders

Using technology to create independent and well-rounded learners

• Understanding social media saturation and why students aren't learning at their full capacity
• Transforming teachers to think beyond their own subject
• Optimizing professional development to support teacher use of technology
• Challenges and solutions
Andrew McCallister, Head of ICT, Matrix Global Schools

Roundtable Discussion Session

Now's your chance to get really interactive! Simply pick a table and join the debate.

Table 01: The Classroom of the Future: What it takes to get there

Dr Malini Eliatamby, Vice President - Teaching And Learning, INTI Education Group

Table 02: How schools can take the lead in using technology

Mr Wytze Niezen, ICT Coordinator, Hollandse School

Table 03: Integrating technology into existing pedagogies

Sean McHugh, Teacher of Primary School, United World College of South East Asia (Dover Campus)

Table 04: Understanding the unique organisational and reputational challenges faced by tertiary institutions implementing edtech solutions

Assoc. Prof Siew Fun Tang, Dean of Learning & Teaching, INTELLECT, Taylor's University

Table 05: Understanding how mobile and ubiquitous access technology can help to enable blended learning in your schools

Mr Ian Pittman, Head of Digital Learning & Innovation, The International School @ ParkCity

Table 06: How to create a connected classroom that does not distract from 21st century learning outcomes

Jessica Hale, Director of Learning Innovation and Technology, Oasis International Schools

Table 07: Deepening learning through creating and interacting with intelligent machines

Donavan Zegna, ICT Facilitator & Integrator, Australian International School Malaysia

Table 08: Google apps for education: Learning from my experiences

Ms Uma Devi, ICT Manager, I.G.B. International School Kuala Lumpur

Table 09: Collaborate & Learn - The power of connected schools

Mr Michael Lok, Managing Director, Southeast Asia, Ruckus Wireless

Table 10: Making learning desirable

Eric Lam, Chief Executive Officer, Amdon Consulting

Table 11: Flipped classroom vs. Flipped learning: Integrating theory with practice to focus on the learner and learning rather than the teacher and teaching

Ashley Tan, Independent Consultant

Table 12: Building coherence between numerous stakeholders with contradictory interests

Dr Pierre Tapie, Founder, PAXTER (Paris-Singapore)

Table 13: Leveraging organisational capabilities with cyber education

Assist. Prof Chetneti Srisa-An, Dean, RSU Cyber University, Rangsit University

Table 14: Turning traditional face-to-face delivered subjects into blended learning subjects: Opportunities, challenges and results

Eric Tsui, Professor, The Hong Kong Polytechnic Universit

Table 15: How can schools implement a secure wireless network which supports multiple personal devices?

Mr Greg Dzideczek, ICT Manager and ICT Integrator, Nexus International School
K12 IT/Business leaders

Networking Lunch


Mr Ian Pittman
K12 IT/Business leaders

The why, what and how of school-wide ed tech innovation

  • Establishing a culture of innovation
  • Sets of people within an organization and how they learn best
  • How to instigate ed-tech change in a positive way
  • Resources and tips for making it work
  • Stories of success from practical experience
Mr Ian Pittman, Head of Digital Learning & Innovation, The International School @ ParkCity
Mr Wytze Niezen
K12 IT/Business leaders

The golden triangle: technology, pedagogy & ‘change knowledge’

  • Latest insights on the role of technology, pedagogy and ‘change knowledge’
  • How to accomplish system-wide reform effectively and efficiently
  • How to motivate teachers to develop new pedagogies and to use technology in the classroom
  • Challenges & opportunities
Mr Wytze Niezen, ICT Coordinator, Hollandse School
Nguyen Duc Toan
K12 IT/Business leaders

Cyberbullying in the World: Reality, Causes and Solutions

  • Understanding the 8 different types of cyberbullying
  • How can IT applications in teaching statistics help our students understand the practical applications of statistics in life?
  • Applying information technology in collecting and processing information, processing data and mapping and calculating the specific figures?
  •  Providing the right ICT infrastructure through Onedrive Online Survey Excel, Powerpoint, Microsoft Word, Skype, PIL, Microsoft Maths, Onenotes, and Sway
  • Understanding how IT director can help by applying IT in processing data, making report; solving problem; making feedback and actively listening; mutually making evaluation.
Nguyen Duc Toan, Maths Teacher & MIEexpert, tgi.edu.vn (Experimental School)
Richard Poth
K12 IT/Business leaders

Bring Your Own Cloud – how to leverage a multi-device ecosystem in order to support teaching and learning

  • Why 1:1 learning no longer sufficiently prepares students for a multi-device 21st working environment
  • How can schools shift from maximising one device to enabling learning tools across multiple devices?
  • How the standardization of cloud platforms can help teachers manage content across multiple devices
  • Overcoming the infrastructure challenges of implementing BYOC and multiple devices
Richard Poth, Edtech Specialist | ADE | Google Certified Teacher & Trainer, Korean International School, Pangyo


Jennie Magiera
K12 IT/Business leaders

Creating a digital learning culture - managing meaningful change and avoiding transformation headaches

  • How to audit transformation - is it better just because it’s different?
  • Trust teachers and remember what we are here for – the students
  • Compliance does not equal engagement – how to create authentic learning with technology
Jennie Magiera, Chief Technology Officer, Des Plaines School, District 62
Panel discussion
K12 IT/Business leaders

Power to the pupil panel: Aligning pedagogy with pupils - are we using technology effectively in classrooms?

A panel of Asia’s leading K12 pupils will be interviewed by our keynote on how new e-learning technologies and pedagogies translate into the real-life of the classroom. The panel’s aim is to give a voice to pupils, ensuring they are at the heart of the change management and implementation process.
Moderator: Jennie Magiera, Chief Technology Officer, Des Plaines School, District 62
K12 IT/Business leaders

Chairman's closing remarks

K12 IT/Business leaders

Close of Day One

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DAY TWO - 19th APRIL, 2016


K12 IT/Business leaders, Tuesday 19 April 2016

K12 IT/Business leaders


K12 IT/Business leaders

Chairman’s opening remarks


Mr Gaurav Bhasin
K12 IT/Business leaders

Interview with Mudah.my: What the digital leaders of today look for in the digital leaders of tomorrow

  • Are we really equipping our students with the skills and knowledge necessary for the 21st century work place?
  • What are the key technical abilities you look for now, and how do you see them evolving in the future?
  • What are the key cognitive and emotional abilities you look for now and in the future?
  • How closely aligned is education research with the real world work place?
  • What are the key success factors for ensuring we are truly nurturing the digital leaders of tomorrow?
Interviewee: Mr Gaurav Bhasin, Chief Executive Officer, Mudah.My Sdn Bhd
Interviewer: Dr Pierre Tapie, Founder, PAXTER (Paris-Singapore)
Panel discussion
K12 IT/Business leaders

Exploring the missing-link between graduation and employment in Asia

  • Filling in the gaps in the ecosystem – what work needs to be done to foster a greater link between graduation and employment?
  • Why is enabling greater collaboration and connection through technology essential in this process?
  • How can governments and business leaders work to help further enhance this mission?
  • What do you think are the most important skills you learned through your K12 and tertiary education
  • Which skills do you wish you had learned throughout your academic career?
Dr Pierre Tapie, Founder, PAXTER (Paris-Singapore)
Mr Mark Rozario, Chief Executive Officer, Agensi Inovasi Malaysia
Ms Celia Yeo, Director - Education Services, Victorian Government Business Office
Assist. Prof Harold John Culala, Director, Office of Education Technology, Far Eastern University
Mr Jim Latrache
K12 IT/Business leaders

How can technology empower learning for all abilities of student at all level of incomes

  • The story of Jim – finding a new way for all abilities to learn
  • Understanding how technology can be used to enable educational equality for all levels of ability
  • Giving access to every level of income and empowering social change through education
  • From War Zone to rural- how and where can Equal Learning be implanted
Mr Jim Latrache, Founder & CEO, Equal Learning
K12 IT/Business leaders

Exhibition Visit & Networking


Panel discussion
K12 IT/Business leaders

Stop! Collaborate and listen – how to implement innovative and adaptive edtech solutions

  • How can IT leaders and BM’s collaborate to implement game-changing edtech without breaking the bank?
  • How can IT Leaders and BM’s ensure that their ICT infrastructure supports the needs of the pupil, parent and teacher?
  • What can IT leaders and BM’s do to innovate whilst meeting IT governance and risk requirements?
  • What are top 5 challenges the panel feel will most impact IT implementation over next 5 years?
Moderator: Mr Rami Madani, Director of Teaching and Learning, International School of Kuala Lumpur
Mr David Neudorf, Director of Technology, International School of Kuala Lumpur
Joe Sergi, MYP Design Technology Teacher, Canadian International School
Jessica Hale, Director of Learning Innovation and Technology, Oasis International Schools
Sean Thompson, Technology Coach++, International School of the Sacred Heart
Mr David Neudorf
K12 IT/Business leaders

Managing and Prioritising Technologies in Schools

  • Managing the ever- evolving technology in the new-age classroom
  • Developing a grounded approach to technology adoption
  • Managing the perennial pressures from stakeholders to navigate a landscape of new and emerging e-tech services
Mr David Neudorf, Director of Technology, International School of Kuala Lumpur
Ferenc Jordanics
K12 IT/Business leaders

Driving openness and agility – re-designing your school’s ICT architecture for adaptive learning

  • How can IT directors create an adaptive ICT infrastructure which allows teachers the space to trial and fail with new e-learning devices?
  • How can the traditional ICT architecture still be supported whilst implementing new e-learning systems?
  • What new demands are cloud computing, BYOD, analytics and information security placing on schools IT models?
  • How can schools implement more cost effective systems and architectures to support adaptive learning?
Ferenc Jordanics, Technology Director, Hanoi International School - HIS
K12 IT/Business leaders

Networking Lunch & Exhibition Visit


Panel discussion
K12 IT/Business leaders

Understanding the changing role of IT and business managers in a digital school

  • How are the BM and IT Leader functions becoming more connected with one another?
  • What role should Business Managers have in IT decisions?
  • How can schools address the lack of development and stagnant salaries of IT leaders?
  • What are the 5 key success factors for advancing your career as a BM and/or IT Leader in a tech savvy school?
Moderator: Joe Sergi, MYP Design Technology Teacher, Canadian International School
Ferenc Jordanics, Technology Director, Hanoi International School - HIS
Jared Wilson, Head of ICT, Nexus International School
Vipula Sharma, Digital Literacy Coach, Garden International School Kuala Lumpur
Sangitaa Singh
K12 IT/Business leaders

Building digital skills for tomorrow: How to enhance IT competency in your workplace

Sangitaa Singh, Head of Department, IT, Balestier Campus, Global Indian International School - Singapore
K12 IT/Business leaders

Exhibition Visit & Networking

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