Min Shin | Senior Manager
CHUNGDAHM Learning, Inc. | Republic Of Korea

Min Shin, Senior Manager, CHUNGDAHM Learning, Inc.

Min Shin is a Senior Manager at Chungdahm Learning with over 10 years of experience in the education sector. He received his B.A of History from the University of San Diego, California with aspirations of becoming a history teacher. Upon graduation, he went to Korea to gain educational experience while preparing for his teaching career. Since his first day in Korea, he has fallen in love with teaching students, training teachers, and trying to understand various perspectives and methods of education. He has taught for five years, managed Chungdahm’s faculty training system for four years, and currently is collaborating with like-minded educators globally in order to improve education on a broader scale. He has been highly involved in multiple educational projects involving both the private and public sectors in the Southeast Asian region.

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